Attorney General Barr Turns up the Heat – Bigly!

Attorney General William Barr appears before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee to make his Justice Department budget request, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

A double dose of Bill Barr: a real Ukraine investigation and new sanctuary city policies

Well, lookie here! Attorney General Barr announced that a group outside Main Justice at DoJ (led by the US attorney from Pittsburgh) is reviewing documents associated with Ukraine – and has been for some weeks now, as reported here by NPR. That includes the information about which Rudy Giuliani has been podcasting for some time now. There are six podcast episodes available at his website linked here. The information conveyed in those podcasts is breathtaking and little-known by most Americans! Corruption, money-laundering, etc., etc.


As a result, Joe Biden is feeling that investigative heat, too, as he is continually being asked questions about it and claiming that “nobody has accused him [son Hunter] of doing anything wrong except the thug Rudy Giuliani.” America’s mayor is a “thug,” Joe? Only your sycophants buy that malarkey.

In addition, on Fox News Night Monday, Shannon Bream showed a short video of AG Barr introducing new DoJ sanctuary city policies targeting local policies that he calls “political stunts that threaten domestic security.” Barr said: “When we’re talking about sanctuary cities, we’re talking about policies that are designed to allow criminal aliens to escape.” She then showed a clip in which Mike Bloomberg promised to undo all of President Trump’s immigration policies and provide a streamlined path to US citizenship for the Dreamers et al.

That clip was followed up with an interview of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). She introduced the discussion of both topics with a Bloomberg quote: “President Trump’s demonization of immigrants and his fueling of fear and hatred are an ugly chapter in American history that we must close.” Let’s pick up the Q&A:

Nunes: Well, immigration has not been solved in this country since Ronald Reagan last came up with the solution. The problem is, nothing was implemented after the Reagan administration, and so we have a lot of chaos. I think Donald Trump has been absolutely right to say that we actually are going to need a physical barrier … we know that physical barriers work … all you have to do is look at the country of Israel. We don’t need a wall across the entire border, but we do need roughly about 1200 miles of wall. We should have about 500 miles if the Army Corps of Engineers can complete it by the end of this year, and in a couple of more years, we’ll be at 1200 miles. All you really have to have to solve this problem is a worker program for agriculture, a work program for the high-tech sector, and you deal with the Dreamers, and you deal with the people that are here. And that’s what President Trump has actually called for. There is a lot of noise around the immigration issue because I think the Democrats like to demagogue it and try to play identity politics and pretend that they’re the party of Latinos, which is really just nonsense. The bottom line is, people need to come together [in Congress] and get this work done, and Donald Trump is the one person who can get it done.

Bream: In times past, the Democrats have controlled Congress and the presidency, and when Republican have had that control, too, it’s not gotten solved. It’s going to take something special to get it solved.

Nunes: If people would stop the identity politics, stop the cable TV wars, we probably have a bill that you could get 350 votes – probably 75% of the [House] members would vote for.

Bream: The attorney general is talking about the fact that they are accepting information with respect to Hunter Biden and Ukraine. Some people aren’t reacting well to that. Quoting from the NY Times: “Any information accepted from Mr. Giuliani would be considered highly controversial. Any investigations into those matters could benefit the president by potentially undermining his political rivals.” What do you say to critics who say that this administration is weaponizing things like the DoJ to benefit the president politically?


Me: I found it highly illuminating that the NY Times said political rivals – plural! That single letter “s” is an YUUUUGE tell, as many more Democrats (and a few RINOs like Willard Romney) are also likely to be exposed in a real investigation into Ukraine corruption, and the NY Times just let that little cat out of the bag. It’s not just Joe Biden!

Nunes (laughing): Well, these are the same geniuses whether it was all of the major newspapers in this country or the Democrat Party that actually really weaponized it by hiring foreign spies to dig up phony dirt – probably disinformation – and feed it into the FBI to use our counterintelligence capabilities to target the Trump campaign. I don’t really care what they say. I think the attorney general was exactly right. He was very clear. Every American has the right to bring information to the Justice Department. Countries have the ability to bring information to the Justice Department through the proper channels. The bottom line is this. We have long been looking at Ukraine, meaning House Republicans. We have been very clear about that, very open about that. We want to know why so many high-level Ukrainian officials decided to trash the Trump campaign in 2016 … that have close ties to the Democrat Party … including knowing some of Fusion GPS dirty work came from Ukraine. The legacy media can ignore that all they want, but those are the facts. It’s very clear that there are people in jail right now who had disinformation, who came to this country from Ukraine.


End of the Q&A. The legacy media and Democrats always telegraph about which they are most concerned and afraid. And Ukraine corruption is at the top of the list, with closing the border and tightening up the US immigration system right up there, as well. We are going to see more ratcheting up of DoJ investigations into nooks and crannies in the coming weeks and months. The results may shock a lot of Americans.

The end.


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