Hillary Clinton Demands Integrity from Senate Republicans; Gets Struck by Lightning

Well, not exactly, but that reminds me of the old oath, “May God strike me dead if I lie!” But I digress. Here is Hillary Clinton offering the wealth of her long experience with integrity to Senate Republicans:


Hillary Clinton demands integrity of others while referring to the President’s supposed “misdeeds”? Physician, heal thyself! She received over 23,000 responses to that tweet, some of which are epic. Here are a few of them:


There are thousands more responses along the same lines. Personally, I don’t believe she knows what the word “integrity” means. She’s certainly demonstrated none over her long career of grifting, lying, and prevarication. Let’s explore her past to see if she has what she demands of Republican senators. First of all, here’s a great definition of grifting, as applied to Hillary Clinton. Clinton xamples for all of the below bullets are provided here:


Grifters are not just thieves, but parasites. They generally hijack another person’s accomplishments and use them for personal enrichment. Clinton was married to a President and parlayed this role into a lackluster Senate career, a failed bid for President, a disastrous term as Secretary of State, and now another run where despite having the field cleared for her, is still struggling. Clinton has lived the Way of the Grifter on such a large scale we can recognize the signs from her life. Let us not bemoan the grifters in public life and fail to see them in private life. What is the Way of the Clinton?

  • The grifter rides the ideas or accomplishments of someone else to power.

  • The grifter is brutal to subordinates.

  • The grifter is constantly remaking themselves.

  • The grifter loves building a long list of accomplishments or certifications without doing much with them.

  • The grifter will attack others for the very things she is doing.

  • The grifter will break the rules, but go through four techniques if confronted: denial, attack, minimization, move on.

Now let’s review some of her more memorable grifts in chronological order (with a little Bill thrown in for good measure since they’ve always been a grifting team, and she was in on everything Bill did):

review a chronological list of the more memorable grifts performed by the Clintons (especially Hillary) over time:


She has ZERO authority to demand integrity from anyone. What unmitigated gall! What a hypocrite and busybody!

What about some of her other transgressions? Benghazi springs first to mind. The deaths of four Americans and a US ambassador has simply been swept under the rug despite egregious lying and obfuscation by many! Her claim that, “What difference at this point does it make?” during the House Select Committee on Benghazi was particularly galling to watch. At least one of the Special Access Program (SAP) emails compromised on her unclassified email server was almost certainly covering the Benghazi gun-running operation and would have been completely aligned with her need to monitor and control all associated complex grifting operations. And to think she blamed it all on a video that was seen by nobody!

My “favorite” example of her complete lack of integrity was her lying, prevarication, and shifting stories about her unauthorized email server. There’s still a decent shot that a revisiting of the Clinton email server cover-up will ultimately burn her down because the statute of limitations on her many classified information handling crimes will never run out. I dearly pray at Attorney General Barr will get it done. You may recall that two of her top aides, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, were involved in destroying the fabled 33,000 emails dealing with “yoga classes and Chelsea’s wedding.” And there are the constant reminders from Sean Hannity about her use of BleachBit and hammering hard drives as she obstructed justice to prevent analysis of her email server by the FBI’s forensics unit. That’s demonstrating some real integrity, Hillary! Good thing there’s no statute of limitations on crimes related to the Espionage Act and mishandling classified information so that she could still face justice.


The woman is nefarious and apparently thinks we’re all fools. Or maybe she was just trolling those of us who actually understand what integrity is and try to live our lives according to the rules and laws. One thing for sure: the Senate Republicans don’t need her advice whatsoever.

The end.


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