Is Fauxcahontas Committing Political Seppuku?

What is Elizabeth Warren’s game? Pandering to the Left? Running interference for Joe Biden? Shooting for the position of VP running mate? Or just plain acting out her leftwing delusions on the national stage?


In a previous piece, I argued that she’s crazy. I mean, who else but a crackpot could support the three items mentioned therein: endorsing Medicare for All (at $2+ trillion per year ad infinitum), nuzzling up to pro-Iranian lobbyists (and the mullahs in general), and announcing that she would mandate the construction of “carbon-neutral” buildings (destroying the construction industry et al)?

What motivated her to confront Bernie Sanders in that open-mike moment at the CNN-hosted Democrat debate in Des Moines, IA, last week? You will recall that she accused Bernie of calling her a liar on national TV by denying her previous claim that he told her that a woman couldn’t be elected president. That confrontation can be viewed here:

Colleague Brandon Morse looked  at that apparently coordinated and staged confrontation from a Bernie perspective in this article. Morse noted that 10% of the Bernie backers voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and he believes at least that many could do so in 2020 if they think that Bernie got the DNC shaft once again (many of Bernie’s supporters believe to this day that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from him in 2016). But what would Warren have to gain by doing the DNC’s dirty work in undercutting Bernie (the conventional wisdom is that the DNC is very fearful of the Communist Bernie at the top of the Democrat ticket)? That’s the $64,000 question. Here are a couple of possibilities.

  1. The powers-that-be in the Democrat Party may have promised her the VP slot. Assuming Joe Biden got the nod (yeah, an YUUUGE assumption), she would balance the ticket from a Democrat point of view by bringing the activist leftwing base along although it’s not clear if she would mollify Bernie’s hard-core supporters.
  2. She viewed the contrived incident as a way to boost her sagging poll numbers. This is a variation on the first possibility. In this case, she wasn’t promised the VP slot, but she made a political calculation that the incident would improving her numbers while continuing to believe she’s got a shot at the nomination (she may be smart enough to have figured out that Biden is damaged goods and has no chance).
  3. She was simply being a “good Democrat” and agree (or volunteered) to take Bernie down a peg. Who approached whom with the idea? Warren or the DNC? That CNN would facilitate the drama and capture it in a hot take was a foregone conclusion. But since politicians don’t do anything unless they stand to gain from their actions, it’s even possible that she was promised some under-the-table campaign funds for her assistance.
  4. She was acting out her leftist fantasy on the national stage (and committing political seppuku). There’s a remote chance that the DNC wasn’t involved in the set-up, and that Warren garnered support from CNN operatives who support her bid for the nomination over Bernie (or, in their continuing service of the Democrat Party, at least viewed her as more electable than Bernie).

One thing almost certain: it wasn’t an “accident.” Why else would she choose to publicly confront Bernie in a place in which the episode could easily be captured on video? There are no such things as coincidences in politics.

Personally, I think she is a lunatic and a danger to the Republic. Any of the possibilities would inch her closer to the Oval Office, and that thought is frightening. Who but a lunatic would declare herself to be the “only person running with executive experience” in the Democrat primaries, as she boldly claimed the other day? Did she just “forget” about the three former mayors also running (Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Sanders)? She’s the female version of the Biden gaffe machine. Watch her in action here:

On a final note, if we need any more evidence that she’s a card-carrying leftist, socialist, or even a Communist, there is this recent report that she lobbied Barack Obama to “exonerate” Ethel Rosenberg before he left office in 2016.

Radical U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who could be the next Commander-in-Chief, asked then-President Barack Obama in his final days in office to formally exonerate Soviet atomic spy Ethel Rosenberg, according to media reports.

This was a not a request for a mere presidential pardon, which the Department of Justice cautions does “not erase or expunge the record” of the conviction, but a request that history be rewritten.

Warren, now a leading contender for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, sent a letter dated Jan. 10, 2017, on behalf of one of Rosenberg’s sons.


For younger readers, the Rosenbergs were members of a Communist spy ring that stole US nuclear secrets and passed them to the Russians in 1952. They were later tried, convicted, and electrocuted at Sing Sing on June 19, 1953. Subsequently, the Rosenberg family and their leftwing supporters have tried to get Ethel’s conviction overturned without success. I happen to like the push-back from Paul Kengor about whether the Rosenbergs should be pardoned, as he wrote in this article at about the same time that Elizabeth Warren was petitioning Obama on their son’s behalf.

That Elizabeth Warren would seek “exoneration” of Ethel Rosenberg is perhaps an even more egregious action on her part than using the claim that she was of “Native American heritage” to advance her career. It tells us all we need to know about her politics. One would think the hit-job on Bernie combined with the Rosenberg revelation would be enough to sink her candidacy once and for all.

The end.

[H/T: Betsy Vaughn]


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