News Summary from the Week that Was (12 – 18 January)

This is the regular weekly summary of news that the legacy media and Democrats have obfuscated for partisan political reasons.

1. Let’s start off with an article that finally exposes the REAL culprits involved in Russian collusion:


A previously unnoticed passage in Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on federal surveillance abuse suggests Bruce Ohr and his compatriots were willing to bargain with a Russian oligarch to take down Donald Trump.

Two-hundred-plus pages into the IG report, while discussing former Associate Deputy Attorney General Ohr’s continued contacts with Crossfire Hurricane dossier author Christopher Steele, Horowitz revealed a significant detail that to date has been overlooked: “On December 7, 2016, Ohr conveyed an interagency meeting (including representatives from the FBI) regarding strategy in dealing with Russian Oligarch 1.”

The IG report added that after the meeting “one of Ohr’s junior Department colleagues who attended the meeting” asked “Ohr about why the U.S. government would support trying to work with Russian Oligarch 1”—the moniker used in the IG report to refer to one of Vladimir Putin’s closest confidants, the aluminum oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Ohr’s reported response is shocking: “Ohr told her that Steele provided information that the Trump campaign had been corrupted by the Russians,” and that the corruption went all the way to president-elect Trump. Ohr’s junior colleague told the IG that Ohr explained “this information was ‘the basis for the [Deripaska] discussion” in the interagency meeting they had just left.

Read the rest here. The Obama regime – and Democrats in general – were willing to do ANYTHING to rid themselves of Donald J. Trump.

2. More good news for the President in a recent Rasmussen poll.

Fewer voters than ever believe President Trump will be removed from office via impeachment, while a little-changing plurality still thinks he will be reelected in November.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the president will be reelected, marking little statistical change from the 44% who felt that way in March of last year and the 45% who predicted reelection this past November. Thirty-three percent (33%) think it’s more likely the Democratic nominee will defeat Trump, a finding that has ranged from 26% to 33% in previous surveys.

Read the rest here. Looks like the American people have the Democrats’ impeachment farce figured out correctly.

3. Anti-constitutional and anti-American Democrats showing their colors again – and their Trump Derangement Syndrome.


The first thing for the Senate to do when it takes up the war powers resolution just passed by the House is to give it a proper name. The Sun proposes the “Enemy Emboldenment Act of 2020.” For the resolution is designed to ensure that the Supreme Leader of Iran and his camarilla are not under any misapprehension that the Democrats support our GIs or their constitutional commander-in-chief.

One can see the Democrats’ logic. If the enemy thought that the Democrats and Republicans were united in respect of the war, the Iranians might decide to retreat. That, in turn, could have the deleterious effect of interfering with our election by creating the impression that President Trump was winning the war. In other words, there’s a real possibility that an Iranian retreat could throw the election to the GOP.

Read the rest here. It’s a great name – the Enemy Emboldenment Act. Good thing it’s just an unbinding resolution and nothing more than political grandstanding.

4. Business as usual – or worse! – at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act needs to be completely revised to ensure Fourth Amendment protections for Americans.

The nation’s top spy court appointed an Obama-era Justice Department official who has denied and downplayed FBI surveillance abuse to assess the FBI’s response to a scathing new report cataloguing problems with how the agency secured authority to spy on a Donald Trump campaign affiliate.

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) presiding Judge James Boasberg appointed David Kris to review the FBI’s proposed changes to its surveillance application process even though he spent the past few years running interference for the FBI as substantive criticism of the agency mounted.

Kris, who served as assistant attorney general for the DOJ’s National Security Division, recently claimed the IG report that catalogued egregious abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) powers actually vindicated the FBI. He also smeared Rep. Devin Nunes in 2018, saying his initial sounding of the alarm about those abuses was incorrect, threatened national security, and should be harshly punished.

Read the rest here. Boas is an Obama judge, and Kris is nothing but a Democrat Deep State operative.

5. Nancy Pelosi is apparently obsessed with the Russians – or off her meds again.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump is “in complete denial” about Russia’s attempts to meddle in the 2020 election and accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of being an “accomplice” to Russian interference, claiming that she wonders about his allegiance to the United States

[George] Stephanopoulos [asked[, “How worried are you about Russian interference in 2020; are we doing all we can to prevent it?”

“No, and the president of the United States is in complete denial about Russia’s role,” replied Pelosi. “As I have said, in terms of this president, all roads lead to Putin.”

Pelosi, 79, then pivoted to McConnell, saying he has “resisted sources” that suggest Russian meddling in American elections.

“Sometimes I wonder about Mitch McConnell too,” remarked Pelosi. “What’s he — why is he an accomplice to all of that? He has resisted sources going in a manner commensurate with the threat for state agencies, whichever they are in a state, could be the secretary of state or whatever, to protect our infrastructure, our critical infrastructure of elections.”

Read the rest here. The Democrats are back to “Russian meddling” again while completely ignoring the real threat to election integrity, i.e., voter fraud. Oh, and the Russians aren’t the only election meddlers; Big Tech influenced far more votes than the Russians did in 2016.

6. More evidence that the legacy media cannot be trusted.

It’s hard enough watching journalists blaming the United States for the Islamic Republic’s perniciousness or exaggerating the importance of “revered leader” Qasem Soleimani while minimizing the actions of the courageous Iranians who oppose the mullahs. Even before a pro-Iranian regime bias infected much of the institutional media, conservatives were reading outlets like the New York Times through a prism of skepticism. In general, though, one could trust that the underlying facts and framing were basically correct. The past four years have made even that impossible.

Read the rest here. Bottom line? The legacy media can’t be trusted to report accurately about the Islamic Republic of Iran.

7. The President continues to deliver on his promises despite the resistance of Democrat judges and the Uniparty.


President Donald Trump will transfer another $7.2 billion in additional Pentagon funding in 2020 to pay for the promised border wall, according to the Washington Post.

The move, if not blocked by Congress or the courts, would bring the total amount of federal funds allocated to border fencing to $18.4 billion under Trump.

So far, a little over 100 miles of an upgraded “wall system” has been built. Trump deputies are in the process of planning and building another 350 miles.

Read the rest here. The Wall is being built to the chagrin of the open border Democrats and globalists everywhere!

8. Kurt Schlichter skewers the Democrats as the anti-Americans they have been since the Vietnam era.

Your party’s latest triumph is blaming Donald Trump because these drooling morons shot down a passenger airliner the night they launched missiles at our American soldiers. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you sick? Are you stupid? Are you huffing that funny powder you found in Hunter Biden’s medicine cabinet? What would ever have possessed you to start making excuses for people trying to kill Americans?

There’s a term in the military for people like you: “Blue Falcons.” It derives from the initials “BF.” The initial “B” is for “Buddy.” I’m not going to spell out what the “F’ is for. But you’re Blue Falcons if you sided with Iran’s mullahs against your own country because you got the sadz that mean old Trump is president and not Stumbles McMyturn.

Read the rest here. Now it’s time for elected Republicans to call them out in Congress, too.

9. The cabal and the legacy media greatly fear AG Barr and US Attorney John Durham, who stand on the threshold of exposing their serial lying for over three years.

Partisan media vehemently oppose Barr, partly for being an effective advocate of President Trump’s policies at the Department of Justice, but mostly for admitting and expressing concern about the Department of Justice’s role in the Russia collusion hoax that undermined the Trump administration.

Nearly the entire political media establishment worked with anonymous sources inside the government and Democratic offices to spread the false conspiracy theory that Trump was a traitor who had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. This false and dangerous conspiracy theory negatively affected national security and foreign policy, sidelined Barr’s predecessor at the Department of Justice, and generally made it difficult to run the executive branch or secure good political appointees to work in the administration.

The fear of Durham’s investigation and Barr’s support for that investigation is legitimate. The media and other Resistance members staked their reputations on the Russia probe, which imploded spectacularly when, despite the daily if not hourly promises of bombshells and “walls closing in,” Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his sprawling investigation were unable to find a single American who had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

The best hope the media and other Resistance figures have is to discredit Nunes, Durham, Barr, and anyone else who threatens to embarrass them. That’s the context for the latest hit piece on Barr, by The New Yorker’s David Rohde.

[The rest of Hemingway’s article identifies 27 falsehoods in that hit piece.]


Read the rest here. This is just the latest in a series of hit pieces targeting Barr and Durham; expect to see many more in the days and weeks ahead.

10. A patriot who lost both legs serving in Afghanistan continues his service to the country in the US House – and skewers the Democrats’ Soleimani narrative BIGLY.

Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., sat in silence during a congressional hearing on Tuesday after demanding to know which fallen Americans didn’t justify the deadly drone strike carried out against Iranian Gen. Qassam Soleimani earlier this month.

The hearing was called to discuss U.S. foreign policy with regard to Iran, following Soleimani’s death and the rogue nation’s retaliatory attack on American coalition forces in Iraq.

Mast, a retired Army Ranger who lost both legs while serving in Afghanistan, took the opportunity to discuss the threat Soleimani posed and became righteously indignant with those who disagreed with the decision to take him out.

“I look at Soleimani as a terrorist machine gun nest, really. He’s been spraying rounds at the U.S. for many years on many different fronts,” he said. “You want to ask is [an attack] imminent? Well, just because this machine gun nest might be taking a moment to reload, that doesn’t mean that it’s not an imminent threat. It just got done firing rounds over at our embassy. … Just because it was taking a breather to reload — that didn’t mean it wasn’t an imminent threat because it wasn’t literally pushing the button on something.”

Read the rest here. We need to see much, much more of this! The Democrats need to be exposed for the anti-Americans that they are.

11. While Democrats and Democrat operatives are lathered up about the Senate impeachment trial, this article finishing out the week is an excellent reminder of the many times they have been wrong in their predictions about Donald J. Trump.

[Here is a sampling of the 22 items listed in this great article about which the Democrats and media have been flat-out wrong:]

  • Trump Can’t Win the Presidency

  • Trump’s Victory Will Crash the Stock Market

  • Trump Won’t Build a Border Wall

  • Trump Can’t Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to America

  • Trump’s Tariffs Will Destroy the Economy

  • Trump Can’t Win a Trade War with China

  • Trump Will Never Move the American Embassy to Jerusalem

  • Trump Will Never Make America Energy Independent

  • Trump Can’t Lower the Unemployment Rate

  • Trump Can’t Increase Working Class Wages

  • Trump’s Droning of Iran Terror Master Soleimani Will Result in Disaster

Read the rest here. Be sure to read the rest, as well as the commentary about each item, as you’ll never see this in the legacy media.

Here are this week’s “honorable mention” articles:

Another incredible week! The Democrat impeachment managers continued the farce by solemnly carrying their crime-free articles of impeachment in a procession to the Senate after San Fran Nan handed out bullet-shaped pens to commemorate the signing of the resolution that sent them on. The Democrats dug up another Avenatti-like “witness” in Lev Parnas as a last-gap (?) attempt to influence RINO senators and the gullible public about the President’s “guilt.” And the Democrats bleat about a fair trial but are stone cold silent on the Republicans’ offer of “witness reciprocity. Amazing to watch!

Meanwhile, the President signed the Phase I China trade deal into law – an YUUUUGE milestone that nobody thought he could deliver. And the Dow broke 29,000 while the economy continues chugging along creating jobs and delivering prosperity for those Americans willing to work hard, save, and invest. The President is ushering in a return to the American way that the likes of Obama told us for eight years was a thing of the past and couldn’t be resurrected. Why would any rational American support impeachment of the most successful president that any living American has seen? Why would any rational American vote Democrat in 2020?


There is more block-buster news in the offing on investigations, trade deals, and foreign affairs, some of which will doubtless break next week. Stay tuned!

The end.


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