Soleimani, Democrats, and Progressive Regression

Benjamin Franklin rightly observed that, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” Most of the American left have managed to cross that line and are pitifully poor students of history, as the Democrats’ rush to impeach the President through their Soviet-style star chamber hearing elucidated. In fact, I believe that the Democrats count on the general ignorance of their base as they continue to push the twin false narratives of the two hoaxes: first Russian and now Ukrainian. And I think that they are piling on with the President’s decision to take out Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani and some of his close associates in Hezbollah and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force (PMF). Soleimani was personally responsible for the deaths of HUNDREDS of Americans, as well as planning the Benghazi attack in 2012 – which intelligence reports indicate he was trying to repeat in Baghdad before he got blown into pieces at Baghdad International Airport on Friday. Like Iranians and Iraqis celebrating his death in the streets, Americans should be equally thankful for decisive actions taken by this president to protect American lives and interests in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East.


The Democrats continue to value presidential decorum over substantive policies as an important parameter fueling their animus against President Trump. They hate his tweets on Twitter in particular. This one (among several others over the past 48 hours) has driven the Obama regime hacks, other Democrats, and Democrat operatives in the media crazy:

Here’s a typical tweet from an elected Democrat since Suleimani “bought the farm.”

And then there are the Democrats masquerading as “journalists” on cable news networks. Kative Pavlich pegged them all perfectly:

Totally disgraceful. Where was this outrage over the Obama/Brennan “death by drone” program? These people only deserve your condemnation and disdain.

Democrats loved Obama’s glibness and support for the Iranian mullahs, as well as the provision of billions to the Iranian regime that helped fund Iran’s support for Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, not to mention for various Iraqi militia closely aligned with the IRGC’s Quds Force that Suleimani commanded.


Who remembers Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan — none of whom were models of presidential decorum, but they got the job(s) at hand done without any politically-correct nonsense? Now, in these politically unhinged years of the early 21st century, we are blessed to have a non-politico businessman at the helm — a man who doesn’t take crap off anyone, but simply gets the job done. This is something we haven’t experienced in many years, and look at where it has gotten us. The political class has been exposed as thoroughly corrupted thieves and liars who are hell-bent on impeaching and removing from office a duly elected president without any evidence of alleged criminal activity whatsoever!

Did you listen to Chuck Schumer’s ridiculous speech on the Senate floor on Friday demanding “witnesses, documents, and a fair trial” while ignoring his own statements 20 years ago during the Clinton impeachment, as well as the Democrat House trampling on due process rights during their rush to pass two articles of impeachment based on hearsay testimony and personal opinions? It was as disgraceful a speech as has ever been given by a Senate minority leader in American history.

The so-called “experts” like Schumer and his ilk have led us down the road to perdition with their nonsensical free trade, open borders and endless war-in-the-Middle East policies in service of collectivism and globalism at the expense of individualism and nationalism. Thank God for the President who, despite the impeachment distraction, is removing the scales from our eyes! And as the strike on Soleimani and the other terrorists shows, he acts decisively in the best interest of all Americans.


While everyone seems to focus on the latest breaking news and commentary about Soleimani et al, I frequently like to review past articles that received little to no notice by most people. Occasionally, one of those (slightly) older articles contains golden lessons that can inform us greatly in the context of current events. One of my favorite opinion journalists, historian Victor Davis Hanson, examined the impact of the Lion in the Oval Office on national politics by surveying the scene in an excellent piece entitled, “Progressive Regression.” Here are some excerpts before we look at its message for the present day:

Donald Trump has certainly changed the rules of presidential behavior, through his nonstop campaign rallies, tweets and press conferences. What his critics call lowering the bar of presidential decorum by unfettered & often crude invective, Trump dubs the “new presidential.”

[I]t is eerie that almost all the canons of progressive orthodoxy no longer apply. And they will no longer be taken seriously after Trump is long gone. When Trump appeared on the national scene, an all-out assault on civil liberties followed, in a manner that is now irrevocable. The Left destroyed for good the idea that progressives are the protectors of constitutional freedoms.

No one again will have much confidence either in the FISA courts or any rationale for spying on any American citizen. The FBI may not recover its reputation. The Left more or less has canonized a parade of disreputable FBI officials. Comey alone has pretty much destroyed any idea that in the near future the FBI Washington office can again be trusted to be disinterested.

The Left is fine with the idea that the FBI, with a wink and nod from the CIA, can insert spies into an ongoing … campaign, on the rationale that embarrassing info might be collated, leaked, and thus useful to “insure” that a supposedly dangerous man would not be president. Any notions of conflict of interest are gone. The Obama Justice Department, FBI, and CIA destroyed that concept entirely.

Liberals do not care much whether Bill Clinton received a $500,000 honorarium in Moscow or that Russian interests gave millions to the Clinton foundation shortly before Hillary Clinton urged the government to approve the sale to them of 20 percent of U.S. uranium.

Is there still any notion of a confidential lawyer-client special relationship or disdain for stealthily taping private conversations of a client? Apparently not.

It used to be a progressive truism that “words matter”—as in the warning not to give voice to violent things because they may happen just because you said them. [W]ords today no longer matter at all. [T]here is no longer any accepted limitation on presidential hate speech.”

Liberals have effectively “established a new code of behavior for ex-security and intelligence officers. [T]heir opposition to the … administration begins the moment they become private citizens—while drawing on and sometimes monetizing their vestigial security clearances to enhance their invective against the sitting president.


Be sure to read the rest here:

In short, Hanson implies that nothing is out of bounds for the Left when attacking a sitting president, including the use of corrupt federal agencies and the media that most Americans expect to be non-political – or in deploying military forces to conduct preemptive strikes to protect and safeguard Americans overseas from terrorist attacks! Progressives are destroying US institutions in their pursuit of the President in a manner similar to rats fouling their own nests.

And that is exactly what we’ve seen unfold since Hanson penned this article in July 2018. They’ve ruined the reputations of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies in their zeal to “get” President Trump. The reputations of the FBI, DoJ, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) are shattered and will take years to restore.The politicization runs deep and may never be excised again. Will they be able to put that politicization genie back in the bottle the next time that there is a Democrat president in the Oval Office? (Heaven forbid that it’s any time soon!) Maybe, given the propensity of federal bureaucrats to vote Democrat, but another 5 years of cleaning out the Obama holdovers especially at the senior levels might result in some different outcomes for a Democrat president.

Democrats and the Left need to reap what they’ve sown; their political tactics need to be turned on them. Turnabout is fair play! Thankfully, their public responses to the rightful killing of Qassem Soleimani makes them easy to identify. They mark themselves as enemies of the American people and the Republic in their insane efforts to attack the President for someone responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of Americans over the past 30 years.


The real solution is to ensure that the Left never get as close as they did to destroying the country had Hillary been elected in 2016. Imagine her in the Oval Office when Soleimani’s goons attacked the US embassy in Baghdad. We saw her ineptitude in handling the Benghazi attack in 2012; that result would have paled in comparison!

I’ll take that guy who is now in the Oval Office any day of the week over any Democrat on the national scene and could care less about his supposed lack of decorum (according to Democrats).

The way to do ensure the progressives never regain power is to defeat them over and over and over at the ballot box. Just say no to progressive regression; stop their efforts to undermine the Constitution and the Republic in their tracks. Publicly shame them for their bad conduct, stupid public statements, and the historically failed policies they continue to push! Especially with respect to the world’s foremost sponsor of international terrorism – the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The end.


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