Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey" Bus Tour Is the Exact Opposite

Joe Biden probably thinks he’s tossing himself a last-minute touchdown pass by announcing his “No Malarkey Bus Tour” through Iowa. Are his campaign advisers a bunch of geriatrics? I mean, who but gray-hairs uses the word “malarkey” anymore?


Former Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday launched his “No Malarkey” bus tour in Iowa, part of a bid to regain momentum among the state’s voters ahead of the nation’s first presidential caucuses.

The frontrunner’s eight-day bus tour is part of an effort to sharpen his pitch before the Feb. 3 caucuses as polls have shown Biden slipping in the first-in-the-nation state. The tour will cover 18 counties and is a play on one of Biden’s most well-known phrases.

Read the rest here. The Democrats are big on these bus tours; they think that’s a way for them to “connect” with us rubes out here in flyover country. Remember Hillary’s “star-spangled bus tour,” as breathlessly reported by that Democrat spin machine Politico in July 2016?

Since Donald Trump’s convention in Cleveland, which painted a dark and isolationist vision of America and its place in the world, Democrats have sought to capitalize on the red, white and blue symbolism and rhetoric he has ceded them — Clinton campaign aides are now even distributing small American flags to supporters at their larger rallies.

“American exceptionalism and the American dream are alive and well,” billionaire investor Mark Cuban told a crowd in Pittsburgh, introducing and officially endorsing Clinton and Kaine at their next bus tour stop Saturday night. “I’m ready to vote for the American dream.”

The left has long been allergic to overt displays of patriotism, with aggressive, testosterone-driven chants of “USA! USA!” typically viewed by elite Democrats as unsophisticated and jingoistic.


How’d that work out for Hillary again? The last sentence in that excerpt above says it all. Even their propagandists know that “the left has long been allergic to over displays of patriotism.” Ya think? Hillary had a long reputation of dissing uniformed military personnel and even US Secret Service people who provided her security during her stay in the White House in the ‘90s. And Code Pink and the various assorted anti-war Communist protest organizations certainly aren’t right-wingers. And we’ve seen Democrats diss military people for years. The public didn’t fall for her “patriotic” bus tour ruse then, and Iowans will see through Biden’s nonsense this time around, too.

Speaking of which, let’s first of all define the word he picked to highlight his tour for the youngsters reading this article who may not be familiar with it:

ma·​lar·​key |  mə-ˈlär-kē


insincere or foolish talk; bunkum

Hmmm. An interesting word choice from the walking gaffe machine, isn’t it? Even his erstwhile allies in the legacy media know he has produced unforced whoppers throughout his entire political career. Here is an old list of his “top ten gaffes” as compiled by leftwing Time. This is a screen shot; each of them is linked at the website if you wish to browse and read about them.

There have been many articles about Biden’s gaffes over the years. Do a simple web-search and you get a list of articles expressing various concerns from the legacy media as they rush to excuse the behavior of the Democrat front-runner. Check out one screen shot list of those articles from just today:


And who could forget his absurd gaffe during the fifth Democrats’ Star Wars bar scene debate? He made news by claiming that he had the endorsement of “the only black woman elected to the US Senate” while forgetting that he was sharing the stage with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)! That surely qualifies as bunkum to me!

But it’s not just the gaffes – it’s the malarkey that defines his position on the issues. The Democrat-friendly Politico has a website that compiled the list of Biden’s policy positions (as well as those of the other Democrat hopefuls). Here is a sampling of some of them with my 2 cents inserted after each position in brackets:

  • Against capital punishment/death penalty [a classic leftwing position]
  • Eliminate mandatory minimal sentencing of convicted criminals [weak on punishment for criminals like all Democrats)
  • Raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour [a classic socialist position (they’ll advocate for $25 at some point)]
  • Against for-profit charter schools [beholden to the teachers’ unions; remember that black female advocate who confronted Elizabeth Warren on charter schools the other day?]
  • Supports two years of free college for everyone [socialist incrementalism headed toward “free college for all”]
  • End new oil and gas leases on federal land and end offshore drilling [and end the US oil and gas boom and the jobs that go with them]
  • Tax carbon emissions [all Democrats are climate alarmists – and fools on the subject]
  • In favor of universal background checks for weapons [masking other anti-2A positions like all Democrats do]
  • Pro-abortion but favors “some limits” on abortion [he still supports third-trimester abortions; how evil is that?]
  • Build on Obamacare [he’s kidding, right?]
  • Supports citizenship for Dreamers (DACA) [more Democrat voters and a continuation of anchor babies and open borders]
  • Pay for infrastructure through changing taxes on corporations, the wealthy [a great way to destroy economic growth; reminds me of the Obama stimulus program]
  • Decriminalize marijuana [uhh, no; I’ve seen the results first-hand in my own family]
  • Increase the capital gains rate [why not kill economic growth? He knows nothing about growing the economy.]
  • Raise corporate income taxes [yeah, keep killing the economy, Joe!]
  • “Don’t worry so much about China” [of course not; they gave Hunter and his pals $1.5B!]
  • Don’t use tariffs to pressure countries [yeah, let’s continue offshoring US manufacturing like you Democrats have been supporting for decades. Why union members continue to support Biden, I have no clue.]

What a bunch of malarkey that list is! And this guy is painted as a “moderate” by the legacy media and Democrat talking heads on the network news channels. There’s not a dime’s worth of real difference among the whole batch running for the Democrat nomination this time around. But in this case, Biden’s positions matter not.

I have maintained from the beginning that Biden is damaged goods and was forced to run by the Clintons who have damning oppo research on him from even before Hillary forced him to stay on the sidelines in 2015. They knew about his corruption and other skeletons, the tip of the iceberg of which we are seeing exposed in Ukraine and China this year. This time around, I am convinced that the Clintons’ blackmail is again at work, but this year, Biden was forced into the identical stalking horse role that Bernie Sanders fulfilled for Hillary in 2016. And rest assured, the lack of any real enthusiasm for any of the Democrat wannabes, which has led to late-entries by Deval Patrick and now Michael Bloomberg, is setting the table for a Hillary Clinton announcement after 1 January. There are still a TON of Democrats who believe she was robbed in 2016 and who would love to see a rematch. Biden is damaged goods; Ukraine and the rest of his malarkey will sink his candidacy soon, paving the way for Hillary. In the meantime, let him go on his swan-song “No Malarkey” Bus Tour in Iowa. We all know better.

The end.


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