On the Democrats’ Favorite New Word – “Pattern”

Have you picked up on the Democrat/media narrative about the supposed nefarious patterns of President Trump’s activities and behavior lately? That’s their latest strategy to “Get POTUS” as we will see. How do they use the word “pattern”? Let us count the ways:

  • Here is a 2017 comment from the execrable James Clapper (who just fingered Obama for directing the FBI counter-intel investigation into the Trump campaign in 2015-16). He says the president displays a pattern of attacking institutions/people who threaten him.
  • Here is a 2018 comment from a former Obama federal prosecutor (hack) stating that the President’s actions investigating opponents are “part of a pattern” and “a new threshold.”
  • Here is a Don Lemon comment from April 2018, stating that the President’s comments about sanctuary cities and “breeding concept” are part of a racist pattern.
  • Here is one from a Bloomberg article in July 2019, again referring to his supposed “bigotry” against House Democrats as part of a pattern of racism.
  • The ever-reliable Democrat hack Fareed Zakaria claimed just last month that the President supposedly pressured foreign governments to dig up dirt on his political opponents as a “pattern of violation of democratic norms” (a new one on me!).  Note: this last one is just an example of the latest hysteria from Democrats and legacy media trying to obfuscate the ongoing DoJ investigation into the predicate for the Obama-instigated counter-intel investigation into the Trump campaign that leads straight to Ukraine.
  • NPR got into the pattern game in June 2019 with an article about POTUS’s supposed pattern of appointing acting heads of various federal agencies. Like that’s supposed to be a bad thing when Senate Democrats hold up every nominee for political reasons only!
  • A final example is this horrible opinion piece filled with innuendo from the virulently anti-Trump The Atlantic accusing the President of a pattern of behavior that abuses his presidential powers to advance his personal agenda.

The Democrats’ latest patterns gambit involves accusations from a supposed intel community leaker that the President abused his powers, abused his office, etc. The problem is that there isn’t any legal definition of what those phrases mean. “Abuse of power” is subject to interpretation, and depending on the person doing the defining, is highly susceptible to misuse for partisan concerns. It’s just the sort of phrase useful for Democrats in spinning up their intensely partisan impeachment campaign against POTUS.

The Democrats seek to convince us that the President displays all sorts of evil patterns of behavior, but the worst and most egregious is “abuse of power” and use of his office for political gain. These are allegations without evidence in much the same manner as the Russia hoax was. After two exhausting years, we learned that the Russia investigation was based on false allegations and a politically-contrived hoax from the very beginning. The “Russian dossier” was nothing but opposition research infused with Russian dezinformatsiya as explained here.

The Democrats tried to lynch Brett Kavanaugh during his USSC confirmation hearing in the Senate by accusing him of displaying a pattern of sexual harassment and abuse over a period of years based on unsubstantiated claims by multiple women and breathless media reporting. We learned that was a Democrat-run conspiracy, political hit-job, and a hoax, too. And now we are embroiled in yet another Democrat-run conspiracy and political hit-job: the Ukraine leaker complainant (times 2, or will there be even more leakers/”whistleblowers” walking the plank?). The baseball analogy is that the Democrats would have three strikes and be “out” now, but unfortunately, it’s politics, and the Democrats repeat their tactics endlessly until shoved back down their throats.


Speaking of which, it looks to me like the Democrats are the ones with the nefarious patterns, as these three hoaxes followed exactly the same repeatable process: unsourced leaks from “trusted agents” turned into breaking news allegations against a Republican, massive Democrat legal and legislative coordination with those making the allegations/claims, a continuous stream of Democrat/media announcements of additional unsubstantiated allegations (lies) that appear to enhance the original claim, calls for investigations based on those false allegations, a shifting to investigations of process crimes when the original allegations are debunked, leaks from sources in intelligence and/or law enforcement agencies that claim cover-ups or support the false allegations, heavy use of paid Democrat political operatives to dig dirt and move the narrative forward, and outright lying by elected Democrats at every opportunity to impact public opinion favorably in their favor.

All three hoaxes – Russian, Kavanaugh, and Ukraine – have included EXACTLY the same components and processes, and all are Democrat-run partisan hit-jobs. It sure seems like a nefarious pattern to me!

Others are starting to pick up on Democrat patterns, too. Here’s what FNC contributor Greg Jarrett has to say about Adam Schiff, the Democrat at the center of both the Russian and Ukraine hoaxes:

I was continually astonished by Schiff’s pattern of exaggerations, misleading claims and outright lies over the course of the interminable Russia “collusion” hoax.

  • Schiff peddled the ludicrous charge that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was bribed by the Kremlin with an $11 billion stake in the oil company Rosneft in exchange for convincing then-candidate Trump to lift sanctions against Russia should he win the election.
  • Schiff insisted that Justice Department official Bruce Ohr did not show the Steele “dossier” to the FBI until after the 2016 election when he knew that Ohr turned it over in July — the day before Comey’s FBI launched its formal investigation of Trump.
  • Schiff argued to anyone who would listen that the “dossier” was not the bulk of the evidence used to get the FISA warrants when he well knew this was untrue.
  • Schiff boldly and repeatedly told the media and Americans that he had access to a wealth of evidence that Trump had engaged in a traitorous conspiracy with the Kremlin when no such evidence existed.

Read the rest here.

Yep, ol’ Shifty is displaying his own pattern of behavior, isn’t he? The Democrats unmask themselves every day if we will just listen to what they say and connect the dots over time – and disregard the legacy media’s narrative. Their goal is impeachment of a sitting president through innuendo and unproven allegations. They even stooped to having their bureaucratic operatives change the intel community whistleblower rules to allow unsubstantiated second-hand rumors as valid complaints!

Creation of a perception of “evil” patterns of actions taken by the President is all part of the political orchestration of public opinion by Democrats and their lickspittle media allies in search of polling numbers behind which they could hide to vote for impeachment in the House of Representatives. We need to remember that the Democrats practice transference all the time. They are transferring their own abuses of power to the President in this latest Ukraine charade. They are precluding any minority participation in any part of the process – for appearance and control purposes. And we can’t let them get away with it.

Frankly, I’ll take more of President Trump’s REAL patterns any day of the week:

  • His pattern of appointing conservative judges to the federal courts to the consternation of the Democrat Party who have been advancing their political agenda outside the legislative process through lawfare for years.
  • His pattern of supporting pro-life activities and making pro-life public statements to the consternation of the Left and the consternation of rabid third trimester-supporting Democrats everywhere.
  • His pattern of taking actions to deliver on his campaign promises to the consternation of the political class (both parties!).
  • His pattern of upholding federal immigration laws and seeking innovative ways to get around Uniparty resistance in building the Wall.
  • His pattern of confronting the long-standing unfair trade practices of foreign competitors like China to the consternation of the globalists in Congress and elsewhere.
  • His pattern of supporting lower taxes and cutting stifling regulations in order to fuel the American economic engine to the consternation of socialists in the Democrat Party who thought that all they needed to do was “manage our decline.”
  • Finally, his pattern of going after corruption wherever he finds it, whether in Democrat-run cities like Baltimore or in far-flung places where Democrat nepotism and corruption is on display such as Ukraine and China to the acute consternation of the Democrat Party who colluded with foreign operatives to steal the 2016 election, and that gambit having failed, to attempt to impeach a duly-elected president of the United States.

And it’s that last pattern of behavior by the President that has the Democrats, their allies in the Deep State, and their paid operatives in the legacy media fouling their drawers these days. They will always tell us whom and what they fear most by their shrillness, folks. Take a guess about whom and what they fear now!

The end.


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