Department of Justice to Speaker Johnson: No Prosecution of Merrick Garland for Contempt of Congress

Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP

In a sharply worded letter, the Department of Justice informed Speaker Mike Johnson that it would not prosecute Attorney General Merrick Garland for contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over an audio file of President Joe Biden's deposition in his classified documents case.


"Consistent with this longstanding position and uniform practice, the Department has determined that the responses by Attorney General Garland to the subpoenas issued by the Committees did not constitute a crime, and accordingly the Department will not bring the congressional contempt citation before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute the Attorney General," the Justice Department said. 

The letter delivered to Speaker Johnson on Friday follows a 216-207 vote in favor of contempt charges by the House of Representatives.


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The audio is widely suspected to reveal a Biden stumbling over words and losing his train of thought.

Garland's reasoning for not turning over the audio of Biden's testimony is to prevent the GOP from using the audio in attack ads. This is certainly not a legal principle.

Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon were not available for comment.



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