Has the Matamoros Murder and Kidnapping Opened the Door to Another Operation Fast and Furious?

Gunmen believed to be affiliated with one of Mexico’s drug cartels carried out a brazen kidnapping of four Americans on a crowded street in the border town of Matamoros. Two were killed at the scene. The two who were abducted, one of whom was wounded during the kidnapping, are now back in the United States.


See RedState’s coverage of this tragedy at 4 Americans Kidnapped at Gunpoint in Matamoros, Mexico, and BREAKING: Americans Kidnapped in Mexico Found – 2 Are Dead, 1 Is Wounded.

We are happy that these Americans are back home, and we mourn the loss of two of our fellow citizens in a senseless crime that seems to have been a case of mistaken identity. But, in the immortal words of Obama  éminence grise Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Mexico is rapidly approaching the status of a failed state. Endemic corruption — that exemplar of a corrupt government so beloved of isolationists and vatnks alike, Ukraine, is significantly less corrupt than Mexico — and institutionalized income and social equality combined with one of the world’s best locations for the manufacture and distribution of narcotics have resulted in the government controlling perhaps as little as a fifth of the country. Government officials, at all levels, are intimidated into cooperation or bought outright. The police and military are frequently outnumbered, outgunned, and subject to bribes and threats.


The lawlessness has inhibited investment in Mexico and greatly exacerbated the illegal immigration crisis on the border. In fact, some have called for military intervention in Mexico to crush the cartels.

Beyond the call for military intervention, some Republicans are laying the blame for border lawlessness on Joe Biden.


Two other things also leap out at you. The first is that the familiar mouthpieces of the Democrat establishment are asserting without evidence that Joe Biden is not to blame for the Matamoros killings and kidnappings.

At about the same time, the anti-gun and anti-freedom group “Newtown Action Alliance” put out this.

Let’s take a quick look back in history to Operation Fast and Furious. This was a scheme hatched under the Obama administration to allow “straw buyers” to purchase firearms in the US, knowing that the buyers would sell them to Mexican cartels. The idea was that arrests of cartel members would show a large number of weapons purchased in the US. This data could then be used to justify stricter regulation of gun purchases. The ATF, being the goobers they are, lost track of the guns. The whole scheme came to light when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by someone using one of these Fast and Furious guns, and law enforcement members told members of Congress.


Just a week ago, Biden promised to ban “assault weapon,” “come Hell or high water.” It is simply inconceivable that the murder and kidnapping of Americans in Matamoros will not find its way into that campaign. Guns will be to blame for the lawless border area, not the drug trade. The solution will be a push to limit the ability of Americans to own firearms, and it will not involve anything that will slow down the flow of drugs and fentanyl across the border. The government wants you disarmed, and as they’ve shown repeatedly, they don’t care if you die.



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