Florida Strikes a Blow for Sanity and Decency With a Ban on 'Transgender' Surgery and Drug Regimens in Minors

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Florida’s state medical board has voted to prohibit the surgical mutilation of children or the prescription of puberty blockers and other hormones associated with sex-change operations to children under 18. Doctors who ignore the rules face the possibility of losing their license.


This is long overdue. The “transgender” fad is reaching epidemic proportions.

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There is no epidemiological reason to explain this increase, but there are cultural factors that do. Some school teachers and influencers actively encourage pre-teens to declare they are “transgender.” When parents attempt to positively intervene in their child’s life, they face losing custody of that child.

The advocates for this horrendous pseudo-medical procedure don’t have to deal with the permanent scarring, the pain, and ultimately the regret of the surgical mutilation and being pumped full of drugs to keep your body from doing what it was designed to do.

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This entire practice is unethical, corrupt, and evil because a minor can’t give informed consent to any surgical procedure without the approval of a parent or guardian. Yet kids as young as 13 are getting double mastectomies, something permanent, without any guarantee that they are capable of understanding what they are doing.

Criticizing the use of a medical practice that has more in common with Josef Mengele or Unit 731 than with Hippocrates has led to social media bans.

There is no credible medical evidence that this surgery does anything but inflict pain, make a small number of “surgeons” wealthy, and create a demand for some drugs. Here is Dr. Shayne Taylor of Vanderbilt Health talking about the money to be made in “top” surgery.

The political environment for any credible research on this craze is so toxic that few dare ask basic questions for fear of the blowback; see Scientists Can’t Research Surge in Regrets Over Transgender Surgeries Due to Fears of Backlash From LGBT Community.

And yet, the Biden White House has embraced transgenderism as a religious sacrament; see Joe Biden’s Radically Out-of-Touch Transgender Interview Is Truly Disturbing and Biden White House Wants to Compel Other Countries to Trans Their Kids.


On the positive side of the ledger, the more people know about the horror of “gender reassignment surgery,” the more likely they will be revolted at what they are being told to support. As a result, hospitals are being forced to close their lucrative gender clinics (Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Ends Mutilation of ‘Transgender’ Kids After State Threatens to Pull Millions, Vanderbilt University Halts Transgender Surgeries After Exposés by Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson). Even the chamber of horrors run by Britain’s National Health Service has been forced to close; UK Pediatric Gender Clinic Forced to Close After Damning Report, Faces Legal Action From Former Patients.

Following the lead of those in Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, and Texas, Ron DeSantis’ medical board has taken a great step toward protecting children from unscrupulous doctors and the evil and deranged people who try to convince normal kids that they are abnormal.









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