Meet Your Federal Government: New Department of Energy Official Is a Drag Queen 'Kink Lecturer' and Fan of Bestiality

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Since we are constantly told that 81 million morons of our fellow citizens elected Joe Biden as president, with only a little help from corrupt voting officials in a handful of states, it is only fair that everyone gets a chance to see what this means in real life. As you know, personnel is policy, and that being the case, we are sort of at a loss for explaining how this hire makes our policy on managing spent nuclear fuel seem even vaguely sane.


A recent, high-level hire at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy is a drag queen, LGBTQ+ activist who has “lectured” on kink at college campuses and participated in interviews about fetish roleplay. In one interview, Sam Brinton – now a top Biden official – even discusses having sex with animals.

Brinton – who has written in opposition to “gay conversion therapy” – was recently tapped to serve as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy. He also goes by “Sister Ray Dee O’Active” – his drag queen alter ego.

Brinton is an active member of the Washington, D.C. chapter of a drag queen society known as the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” which lists him as the principal contact on its 2016 and 2018 tax forms. During the group’s “Lavender Mass 2021,” Brinton can be seen referring to Anthony Fauci, who was declared a “saint,” as “Daddy Fauci.”

Just a break here to point out that the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” are also a virulently anti-Catholic group that mocks and ridicules Catholics and Christianity.

In the interview, Brinton also appears to be annoyed with criticism of “lik[ing] to have sex with animals”:

“One of the hardest things about being a handler is that I’ve honestly had people ask, ‘Wait, you have sex with animals?’” Sam says. “They believe it’s abusive, that it’s taking advantage of someone who may not be acting up to a level of human responsibility… The other misperception is that I have some really messed up background, like, did I have some horrible childhood trauma that made me like to have sex with animals.”


There are many more out there that are much more interesting, but as this is generally a PG-rated site, I’ll leave it to you to find them.

It is hard to take this particular hire as anything but an overt effort by the Biden White House (the White House personnel office approved of this) to troll Americans who are not okay with blatant displays of sexual deviance.

As a point of comparison, look at how government and academia have created some similar cases. In the past week, SUNY Fredonia philosophy professor Stephen Kershnar was suspended for statements and writings that challenged the prevailing social mores (to the extent that those even exist) on pedophilia. In November, my alma mater booted a professor who was seeking to normalize pedophilia or “minor attracted persons,” as he so quaintly phrased it.


Finally, in January 2021, the New York City Administration for Children’s Services cut ties with a Columbia professor who, when conducting research in the Netherlands (titles of the papers were “Boys On Their Contacts with Men: A Study of Sexually Expressed Friendships” and “Pedophile Relationships in the Netherlands: Alternative Lifestyle for Children?”) observed that the relationships were “were experienced in predominately positive terms; evidence of exploitation or misuse was absent.”

This is not to equate drag queens with pedophilia because, as David French has made very clear to all us proles, drag queens are a “blessing of liberty.” But if we are going to penalize academics for studying pedophilia and observing that maybe it isn’t all bad, are we really going to accept bestiality as normal when it is explicitly outlawed in all but four states (Wyoming, West Virginia, New Mexico, and Hawaii). Are we really going to accept sexual bondage and domination as norms for federal executives, when public employees across the country are fired for engaging in this behavior once it becomes public?

You don’t have to be a sexual prude to look at Brinton’s behavior and realize that he’s a very damaged individual. He should not be allowed to supervise other people in any profession. He definitely should not be allowed to supervise federal employees. One also has to question Brinton’s sheer ability to act professionally, as he seems devoid of any personality trait that doesn’t involve attempting to shock others and draw attention to himself. Arguably, if you want to do this stuff and boink Fido on your own time, it’s no-harm-no-foul, but when you make it what your public persona, one has to question whether it reflects all that well on the collective sanity of the people who okayed the hiring.


Joey SoftServe is probably entitled to staff his regime with whatever he wishes, but the rest of us need to know what he is hiring, and he needs to own his personnel decisions in November 2022.



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