The Democrats Have so Thoroughly Poisoned the Well With the COVID Vaccine and Booster That Even President Trump Gets Booed Trying to Sell It

AP Photo/Thomas Beaumont

President Trump has been on the road with former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly with their “History Tour.” The final stop was in Dallas, Texas, last Sunday. President Trump is obviously trying to keep himself front and center on the national stage as he preps for another run at the White House in 2024. There have been various reports gleefully reporting low attendance as though that was an indication that GOP’s turn away from President Trump was imminent. While the venues were not jam-packed like in 2020, the turnout was very respectable. In Dallas, nearly 70% of the 20,000 seats at American Airlines Center were filled. That isn’t bad for a political event in a non-election year. The fact that Joe Biden hasn’t attempted any sort of major public event shows that his staff knows what would happen…”Let’s go, Brandon!!”


In Dallas, there was a more significant story to tell. It has to do with how the left politicized the Wuhan virus vaccine during 2020 for no other reason than to manufacture a campaign issue and deprive President Trump of any the credit for prompt and decisive action that he deserved is shaping the current environment. In fact, the Democrats may have succeeded so spectacularly that no one will trust any emergency vaccination program in the future…I know I won’t.

One undeniable fact from the Dallas event is that President Trump is personally very much pro-vaccination. However, as with a lot of things President Trump does, one is never quite sure whether his support is based on the program outcomes or highlighting his own involvement.

Here is President Trump explaining why his supporters should support the vaccine.

I’m not sure claiming ownership of an ineffective if not an outright dangerous vaccine that has been imposed upon millions of people is a great strategy. I suspect that by the time 2024 rolls around, the Democrats will be disavowing all responsibility for the safety record of the vaccines. Having said that, I understand the sentiment. If your political opponents claim you did nothing in the face of a pandemic, it is very natural to want to correct the record. When President Trump tells the crowd to “take credit,” at about the 1:00 mark, you hear an unhappy response. At 1:07, when President Trump asks for an affirmation, “do you agree with that?” The response is weak and mixed.


Then we move onto the part the leftwing media is crowing about. It happens at about 1:13 in the clip.

O’REILLY: Both the president and I are vaxxed. [Turns to President Trump] Did you get the booster?


O’REILLY: I did, too.

There is a smattering of boos from the crowd. Not a lot, but very audible. What makes them stand out is that they take place in dead silence. Not one person claps or cheers the announcement.

President Trump tries to play it off with, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t; that’s alright, it’s a very tiny group over there.”

There are two takeaways from this episode. The first is that President Trump must still be considered the most prominent center-right politician in the nation, and, as of right now, he is a lock for the 2024 nomination if he wants it. Whether that is a good idea is a different discussion, but it is hard to see who could beat him in a contested primary. Secondly, the debate about current and future COVID vaccines and boosters for said vaccines is over. About half the country will refuse to take them without some form of coercion. No communications strategy will change that. If Donald Trump were booed for taking the booster, no spokesperson for the vaccine or the booster would fare better.

So, we need to congratulate the Democrats on their success in depriving President Trump of a political victory and wish them the joy of that accomplishment.




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