Is Gaige Grosskreutz Trying to Tamper With the Rittenhouse Jury by Giving Media Interviews Contradicting His Sworn Testimony?

Gaige Grosskreutz interview on Good Morning America, 11/11/2021, screenshot. Credit: GMA/ABC News

On Monday of this week, the prosecutors in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse called as their main witness Gaige “Lefty” Grosskreutz. While the direct examination of Grosskreutz consisted of him and prosecutor Thomas Binger engaging in mutual pleasuring and grooming behavior, the cross-examination yielded actual evidence. Grosskreutz admitted on the witness stand and under oath that Kyle Rittenhouse did not shoot him until he pointed a pistol he was illegally carrying at Rittenhouse’s face.


As a side note, the prosecution has dropped possible firearms charges against Grosskreutz but claims that Rittenhouse broke the law because he was 17 years old and carrying a weapon in a state where a 10-year-old can get a hunting license. If you are interested in the nuances of Wisconsin’s gun law, defense attorney Andrew Branca of the Law of Self Defense blog has a superb write-up here.

Here is the video of that moment and the story by my colleague Bonchie: The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Could Be Over After Today’s Bombshell Testimony.

On Thursday, Grosskreutz, accompanied by his lawyer, appeared on Good Morning America. In this interview, he, as expected, disparages Rittenhouse and makes himself out to be a victim. He’s not a victim. He’s communist, Antifa scum who brought on himself what happened on that Kenosha street.

In the GMA interview, he admits that he was shot after pointing his illegal weapon at Rittenhouse and then, amazingly, says he actually was not pointing his weapon.

One is left in a quandary as to why — other than fear of a perjury charge — did Grosskreutz admit to doing just that, when it mattered the most?

His attorney is a high-profile “human rights” lawyer whose representation has nothing to do with Grosskreutz’s multi-million dollar lawsuit against Kenosha because he was shot while peacefully rioting.


Yesterday, he visited CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 to reprise the story he told on GMA. Bonchie covers this in detail in It Sure Looks Like a Key Witness in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Committed Perjury.

At 1:43, he claims he was shot while his arms were in the air.

The video of the event shows that Grosskreutz is lying. The video also shows that Grosskreutz’s claim that Rittenhouse, while laying his back on the road, pulled the trigger, the weapon misfired, and Rittenhouse had to “rack’ the weapon, that is, pull back on the charging handle and release it, before firing the shot that winged Grosskreutz is just an outlandish fabrication that either Grosskreutz dreamed up or was concocted by the prosecution and fed to Grosskreutz to be used on the witness stand. Not only did the video not show this happening, but the forensics evidence gathered does not include a single .223 caliber round found on the road with the primer indented.

Given the mounds of evidence contradicting his newly discovered “truth,” why did he go on national television and recant his under-oath testimony?

I think the answer to that is really simple. Jury tampering. When he gave these interviews, the trial was still in progress. In fact, it resumes on Monday. The jury is not sequestered. Even though they have been told not to discuss or read about the case, it is hard to believe that some jurors have not been tracking it in the media. Grosskreutz is trying to get a message out to the jurors, either directly or through people in contact with them, that he “misspoke” on the witness stand.


This is not a trivial matter to Grosskreutz. Grosskreutz tries to pretend he had some sort of calling to save lives, and the media called him a “trained paramedic.” There is zero evidence that Grosskreutz has ever been employed as a paramedic. Based on his conviction for being armed while intoxicated, it is not likely that any reputable organization would employ him as a paramedic. His future, right now, is hanging on the conviction of Kyle Rittenhouse and winning his $10 million lawsuit against Kenosha.

If Rittenhouse is acquitted, the best Grosskreutz can hope for is a shabby, low-dollar book deal from some obscure lefty publisher, and then the rest of his life lived out as a one-armed convenience store clerk. If Rittenhouse is acquitted because of Grosskreutz’s sworn testimony, then his future is grim indeed — because even Antifa will shun him.

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