It Sure Looks Like a Key Witness in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Committed Perjury

Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

We are now entering the final stages of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with jury instructions and final arguments set to go forth on Monday.

But while Rittenhouse deciding to testify at his own trial was the shock of the week (and led to some incredibly asinine moments from the prosecution), Gaige Grosskreutz’s admission on November the 8th was also absolutely key in building the defense’s case. You’ll recall the latter as the pistol-wielding “medic” that Rittenhouse shot in the bicep, a moment that was dramatically caught on video.


Under questioning, Grosskreutz admitted that Rittenhouse did not shoot him when his hands were raised. Rather, it was when Grosskreutz pointed his gun at Rittenhouse and charged the teen that shots were discharged.

That was bolstered by the video evidence which clearly showed Grosskreutz running at Rittenhouse and bringing his pistol to bear before being shot. Yet, when asked about the matter on CNN with Anderson Cooper, Grosskreutz told a completely different story.

Can we just stop for a moment and note how absolutely unethical and gross it is for a supposed news network to have this guy on-air as a supposedly impartial witness? Despite the fact that Grosskreutz admitted to wanting to kill Rittenhouse in a subsequent social media post? Maybe you bring this guy on after the trial has concluded, but to do so during it and to treat him with kid gloves is yet another breach of journalistic ethics over at the “most trusted name in news.”


Still, getting back to Grosskreutz, it sure seems like he committed perjury under oath last Monday if he’s now claiming a totally different story on CNN. Or conversely, he’s lying now to the clapping seals on cable news and told the truth in the courtroom. What we do know is that it can’t be both. Either way, the judge should have some interest in finding out why Grosskreutz is telling two different accounts depending on who he thinks is listening.

Regardless, as I noted previously, the video is conclusive in what it shows. Rittenhouse did not shoot Grosskreutz when his arms were raised. He shot him after Grosskreutz was almost on top of Rittenhouse, pointing a pistol at him. So in the end, the truth will prevail on that point.


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