DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Signals the Tame Media to Begin Gaslighting America by Proclaiming 'Our Borders Are Not Open'

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Like so many other disasters unfolding under the inept, malicious, ice cream-fueled regime of “President” Joe Biden, it is sort of difficult to comprehend the scope of what is happening. Try this from the imminently Democrat- and Biden-friendly, tame, and thoroughly stump-broke crew at Good Morning America.


This crisis is merely the tip of the iceberg. For the past eight months, the Biden bunch has deliberately sabotaged a relatively orderly border situation bequeathed to them by our last actual President in favor of attracting as many new Democrat voters as possible before 2022.

The situation around the Del Rio bridge is so out of control that the Biden White House directed the Federal Aviation Administration to shut down the airspace so that Fox News could no longer use their drone to transmit video of what was happening (see Fox Reporter Outfoxes Biden FAA After They Try to Stop His Drone Coverage of Huge Illegal Alien Influx). Think about that for a moment. The Biden White House was so terrified of what was happening on the border that it took action to prevent the media from reporting on it. In fairness, this only affected Fox News, specifically Bill Melugin of Fox’s Los Angeles affiliate, because no one else seems curious. Still, this is the kind of thing that one expects in the banana republic that Biden is trying to create here (we already have fraudulent, pre-planned election outcomes).


Now Department of Homeland Security (hah!) Alejandro Mayorkas has been dispatched to the border to say that everyone needs to move along because there is nothing to see here.

“Our borders are not open.”

Really, Scooter? Because if the border was open, I’m not how it would look all that different from what we see right now.

According to news reports, the only people in danger of deportation are Haitians (why, you might ask yourself, would they be singled out?) with catch-and-release being in full effect for everyone else.

This is just another of those things where the overly clever, amoral,  high-functioning imbeciles with which Joey Soft Serve has surrounded himself have been overwhelmed by easily foreseeable events. The signals that Biden and his fluffers gave early in his maladministration clearly encouraged illegal immigration. His flaccid response to the challenge at the border just confirmed how weak and silly he is. And now we’re on the brink of a full-blown humanitarian crisis where people could die. But, as we’ve seen with Afghanistan and the Wuhan virus, the one thing this bunch is good at is killing folks to make a point.


But you can bet, just as the bought-and-paid-for stenographers tried to portray the Afghanistan disaster as another Berlin Airlift (see If You Think Afghanistan Is a Disaster You’re Missing the Big Picture. Get Ready to Be Told It Is the New Berlin Airlift), they are going to report Mayorkas’ lies as the truth and demand that we all believe it.





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