Author of Fraudulent 1619 Project Declines Tenure At University of North Carolina Moves Her Grift To More Fertile Ground

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This morning New York Times staffer Nikole Hannah-Jones used an interview on CBS This Morning to announce that she would not accept the offer of a tenured position at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill because they were just not happy enough to have her presence.


Just a brief recap. Nikole Hannah-Jones is a race hustler using her well-paid perch in the New York Times; she was a key figure in concocting the alternative history billed as the 1619 Project. The gist of this travesty is that America is all about slavery. It is so about slavery that even when you think it’s not about slavery, you are wrong because it is about slavery. The view of American history that it was presented was so bizarre and counterfactual (according to Hannah-Jones’ telling the American Revolution came to pass because the British were going to end the slavery, something they got around to doing in 1834) that even leftist historians steeped in the noxious anti-American bullsh** of Howard Zinn objected. That did not stop educators who totally do not use Critical Race Theory in the classroom from using this product of Critical Race Theory in the classroom.

In any other endeavor, having such a ballyhooed exercise in ‘setting the record straight on American history revealed as a fraud that relied upon the credulousness of its target audience to succeed blow up in the most spectacular way possible mark the end of a career, not so in this case. Hannah-Jones brought a Pulitzer Prize to the New York Times, fitting company for the 2018 Prize they won for fabricating a political scandal out of the Steele Dossier and Walter Duranty’s 1932 trophy. Even knowing that her work had more in common with Harry Turtledove than with either history or journalism, woke journalism schools everywhere hailed the project. In April, the University of North Carolina offered her a tenured position as the ” Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism.” The university’s Board of Trustees upset the apple cart when it vetoed the tenure offer and offered a non-tenured contract. She was incensed. All the woke harpies on the Internet were incensed.


Her lawyers made unfriendly noises, and the Board of Trustees folded like a cheap suit, and on June 30, the Board voted 9-4 to offer Hannah-Jones a tenured faculty position.

According to the CBS interview with Hannah-Jones, she declined the position because she objected to the fact that some members of the Board of Trustees objected to the massive fraud she’d been front-and-center in perpetrating. The white supremacy of it all was just too much to bear. She probably realized that many people would be watching her activities very closely and could very well end up spending more time defending her “scholarship” and “pedagogy” than in producing leftist propaganda.

Never fear because she’s had a very soft landing. Via the Washington Post:

Journalists Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates are joining Howard University’s faculty, school officials announced Tuesday in a major recruiting victory for the private institution in the nation’s capital. It was a simultaneous setback for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to lose Hannah-Jones after a long and remarkably contentious effort to recruit her.

The surprising development came less than a week after trustees for UNC-Chapel Hill voted to award tenure to Hannah-Jones. Initially, the public university hired her as a professor without the job-protection status. But its board of trustees approved tenure for her on Wednesday, after faculty and students at Chapel Hill protested that she had been mistreated.

Now Hannah-Jones will have tenure at Howard in the new position of Knight Chair in Race and Journalism, starting this summer at the historically Black university in Washington.

Hannah-Jones will also found a Center for Journalism and Democracy at Howard. She said it will aim to train journalism students from historically Black schools to “accurately and urgently [cover] the challenges of our democracy with a clarity, skepticism, rigor and historical dexterity that is too often missing from today’s journalism.”

Coates, an award-winning author known for his work on topics including race and white supremacy, will be a writer-in-residence in the university’s College of Arts and Sciences, and hold the Sterling Brown Chair in the English department. He said in an interview he plans to teach a class in creative writing next year.


So Hannah-Jones will now head a “Center for Journalism and Democracy” that will undoubtedly be structured as a 501c3 to accept major corporate donations. She will be on the same campus with fellow race-hustler Ta-Nehisi Coates, and you can bet you will start seeing similar, though lesser lights gravitating towards positions at Howard University.

It is too early to tell, but Hannah-Jones’ flight from Chapel Hill to DC strikes me as a good thing. It formalizes the balkanization of what she is teaching. Instead of a tenured chair at a prestigious university and being able to influence mainstream journalism, she’s now in a B-List, at best, school and will soon have the golden handcuffs (this is not a slavery reference) of her “Center” to keep her from moving. She seems to have adopted Satan’s monologue from Milton’s Paradise Lost, “Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heav’n.” In the future, it will be easier to spot her acolytes and to block them from responsible positions in industry and government should there exist people with the guts and wits to do so. It is a signal of the weakness of the CRT industry that she has retreated from a high-profile position to one that is lower risk.

A final note of warning. In Hannah-Jones’ Wikipedia bio, there is this item, “From 2008 to 2009, Hannah-Jones received a fellowship from the Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies which enabled her to travel to Cuba to study universal healthcare and Cuba’s educational system under Raul Castro.” In the late-50s, when Cuban president Fulgencio Batista had Fidel Castro’s communist guerrillas on the ropes, and their revolution seemed over, they fled to the wasteland of the Sierra Maestra, where they regrouped, reinvented themselves, and renewed the conflict. So we would be wise to keep up the fight against Hannah-Jones and her racism lest we make the same mistake and end up selling used cars in exile.





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