The Washington Post Places a Big, Wet Smooch on Joe Biden's Derrière and the New York Times Says 'Hold My Beer, Y'All'

The Washington Post Places a Big, Wet Smooch on Joe Biden's Derrière and the New York Times Says 'Hold My Beer, Y'All'
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Yesterday, my colleague Nick Arama noted the steely-eyed skepticism of the Washington Post newsroom in their coverage of the grotesque, nearly-$2-trillion boondoggle that is supposed to provide urgent relief to America in response to a manufactured crisis.READ: WaPo Puts Out Full-On Biden Propaganda Tweet That Just Might Blow Your Mind.

The fact is that there is nothing in this bill that will affect poverty today, one way or the other…unless you call balancing the books for bankrupt Blue State public pension plans as an anti-poverty program. The proportion of the money going to people under the poverty line is minuscule. To the extent that it has any impact, it will be a brief caffeine rush, like drinking a Red Bull after being up for three straight days. It will affect poverty some years down the road when the US economy is brought to a grinding halt by the weight of debt these goobers have inflicted upon future generations.

I think we can all agree that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy to try and get more and better access to the Biden bunch by writing patently false laudatory stories about them.

If you thought this couldn’t be topped for its slavish ass-kissing, you were wrong. It just got the competitive juices flowing. Here, as a treat, we have the tweet of the New York Times article by one of the most dishonest people in the media:

The “American Rescue Plan” advanced by Mr. Biden includes more generous direct benefits for low-income Americans than the rounds of stimulus passed last year under Mr. Trump, even though it will arrive at a time when economic and coronavirus vaccine statistics suggest the broad economy is poised to take flight. It is more focused on people than on businesses and is expected to help women and minorities in particular, because they have taken an outsize hit in the pandemic recession.

Researchers predict it could become one of the most effective laws to fight poverty in a generation. Columbia University’s Center on Poverty and Social Policy estimates that the plan’s provisions, including a generous expansion of tax credits for low-income Americans with children, would reduce the poverty rate by more than a quarter for adults and cut the child poverty rate in half.

Mr. Biden’s economic team is betting that a mix of $1,400 checks to individuals, more generous jobless aid and other safety-net benefits in the plan will help power a rapid increase in economic growth by aiming money at people who need help right now to pay their bills, buy groceries and stave off eviction or foreclosure — as opposed to higher earners who would be more likely to save the money.

As the old saying goes, “a poor man never gave me a job.”

Let’s think about this for a moment. The only way this bill has any impact on the poverty rate is if it becomes permanent. In other words, Guaranteed Minimum Income. If it does move people above the poverty line, what happens? Food stamps, Medicaid, and a lot of other state and federal programs that are means-tested go away. Tax credits for people who already do not pay federal income tax are not going to help. In case you’d forgotten, about 47% of potential taxpayers do not pay a red cent in federal income taxes.

Nothing in Biden’s bill incentivizes work or job creation. It is a bill designed to create a large number of people economically wedded to handouts from the Democrats who can be weaponized if the GOP ever stops these sordid “stimulus” bills.

It also looks like the Post and Times were in on the same Biden gang conference call and dutifully took stenography of the preferred language of their masters. Here is more from the New York Times:

Mr. Biden’s plan would shower those households with government assistance. Elizabeth Pancotti, the policy director at Employ America, a group in Washington that backs the Biden plan, has calculated the benefits for several different hypothetical hard-hit Americans under the bill.

Note the same language, “showered,” in the tweet Nick Arama posted about.

Get used to this, folks. This is the kind of hard-hitting Pulitizer Prize-winning fluffing that will become the DC standard until another Republican is elected. It is in line with much of what we’ve seen so far:

Any real coverage of what the Biden bunch is up to is not going to come from the traditional media. And, as we’ve seen here, YouTube Removes Trump CPAC Speech and Suspends Live-Streamer RSBN for Carrying the Event, it is going to become increasingly difficult for non-bought-and-paid-for outlets to get any negative coverage of Biden out to the public.




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