If You Want to Turn Texas and Florida Blue, Just Keep on Bringing Companies Like Oracle and Goldman Sachs There

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Today my colleague Scott Hounsell posts on the decision by tech giant Oracle to move from its historic home in Silicon Valley to Texas (see It Doesn’t Take An Oracle: California Is Dying Because Of The Left).

This is just one in a series of moves by major companies from Silicon Valley or New York to Texas or Florida.

Hewlett-Packard is moving to Houston:

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla/SpaceX will move to an, as yet, unidentified site in South Texas:

NASDAQ seems to be on the cusp of moving to either Austin or Dallas, and some other exchanges may be looking at a similar move:

Goldman Sachs is considering moving its asset management business to Florida:

On the one hand, we all like “owning the libs.” So there is a lot to crow about here as we see decrepit Third World sh**holes implode under the weight of their own corruption, self-dealing, and fascism. On the other hand, there is a lot to be wary of.

Where the wave of ex-pats from dysfunctional and dying Blue States tended to be sane individuals fleeing for the sake of increased personal freedom and economic opportunities, what is happening now is the equivalent of the Huns invading Western Europe. These moves mark the wholesale movement of companies and their workforces from California and New York to free states. It is an invasion that will inevitably end in the conquest of the states where they end up.

This is exactly right. What the move of Oracle, H-P, NASDAQ, Tesla, Goldman Sachs, and other companies to the better business climate in Red State means is that they will bring with them not people who are “yearning to be free,” but, rather, the same people that have made New York and California unlivable and who will immediately set about trying to impose taxes to support heaven-knows-what social pathology, they will take over school boards and city councils, they will increase taxes, and they will vastly expand the reach of government. In a short period of time, Houston and Dallas will be indistinguishable from New York City and San Francisco. (I would have added Austin to the list, but as far as I’m concerned, it is already, for the most part, at San Francisco standards.)

My friend, Dave Reaboi, was on John Bachman’s show on Newsmax on Wednesday; he is of the view that rather than welcoming these companies, we should be looking at them skeptically.

Nothing good will come of this massive recruitment of wealthy and politically powerful companies to conservative states in the long run. This eagerness to grab businesses that have a culture that is not compatible with personal freedom underscores the inherent weakness of the GOP establishment’s philosophy that money is the measure of everything. It doesn’t matter if your citizens are unemployed if imported H1B workers can do the job cheaper. Shutting down your factories is worth it if that flat-screen television is a few dollars cheaper.

A couple of decades from now, the remaining conservative enclaves in Texas and Florida are going to look back on these decisions as being like the Britons inviting in the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes and Rome inviting in the Goths.

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