BREAKING. Eight More States Join the Texas SCOTUS Case [Taking A Deep Breath]

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Late yesterday, the State of Texas filed a lawsuit against Pennsylvania and other states who have made a total hash of the last election. It was filed with the Supreme Court as it has original jurisdiction over cases between states. The suit alleges that the haphazard way in which voting procedures were changed in reaction to two waves of panic–the Wuhan virus and a second Trump term–violated the US Constitution and deprived citizens of law-abiding states of equal protection under the law by debasing the value of their votes. (READ: Texas Attorney General Tries to Drag a Kicking and Screaming Supreme Court Into President Trump’s Reelection Fight.)


The Supreme Court docketed the case earlier today but has not, despite some reports, agreed to hear it. Just a few minutes ago, though, there was a major change in the situation that may increase the chance that the Supreme Court will take up the case.


Now it is no longer Ken Paxton playing Lone Ranger. The addition of eight states to the lawsuit now means that nearly a third of the states are litigants, and the Supreme Court’s ability to blow this off as nothing shrinks dramatically.

UPDATE. I’m not feeling good about this story because of lack of corroboration and some other strangeness. 



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