BREAKING. President Trump Pardons Michael Flynn

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Just moments ago, President Trump announced that he’d granted a full pardon to retired General Michael Flynn. That this might happened hit the news earlier this morning, read this by Jeff Charles for background.

This puts a final end to a four-year persecution of a man who has devoted his life to the service of his nation and whose innovations in the use of intelligence operational planning saved untold U.S. lives in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Flynn was targeted by the FBI for an sketchy interview that has since been documented as a ruse to create a lie to catch him in. The persecution was picked up by the noxious thugs on Mueller’s team that used the threat of indicting Flynn’s son as a pressure point to force him into a guilty plea. When the truth started to be revealed, thanks to the efforts of Sidney Powell, a highly partisan judge, Emmitt Sullivan, took up the prosecution of Flynn as a personal hobby after Department of Justice dropped the charges against him.

Hopefully, this shameful abuse of police and prosecutorial powers is behind us and General Flynn can get on with his life.

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