Media Tries To Portray Portland Shooter as a Victim of a Federal Death Squad

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Police walk past evidence markers at a scene Thursday, Sept. 3, in Lacey, Wash., where a man suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland, Ore., last week was killed as investigators moved in to arrest him. Michael Reinoehl, 48, was killed as a federal task force attempted to apprehend him, a senior Justice Department official said. Reinoehl was the prime suspect in the killing of 39-year-old Aaron “Jay” Danielson, who was shot in the chest Saturday night, the official said. (AP Photo/Ted Warren)

On August 31, Michael Reinoehl, a self-described Antifa supporter despite the media telling us that such a thing does not exist, stalked, ambushed, and gunned down 39-year-old Aaron J. Danielson on a Portland sidewalk. Danielson’s crime was to wear a hat the the psychopathic Reinoehl found offensive.

Danielson was in downtown Portland after participating a pro-Trump rally.

Reinoehl went on the run and was located by the US Marshals Service Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force in Lacey, WA. No doubt his location was made much easier by him giving a video interview to the gossip/conspiracy site VICE.

Take some time to read our other coverage of this Reinoehl assclown and his senseless murder of someone he didn’t know and who posed no threat to him.

According to the official account given by law enforcement and by two witnesses, Reinoehl was armed and fired shots at the officers.

The suspect in the fatal shooting of a right-wing activist in Portland was armed when he was shot and killed by a U.S. Marshals task force near Lacey Thursday evening, a lieutenant with the law enforcement agency investigating the shooting confirmed Friday.

Thurston County Coroner Gary Warnock confirmed Friday that the deceased is 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl, who authorities say was a suspect in last weekend’s fatal shooting in Portland.

Reinoehl was armed with a semiautomatic hand gun when officers shot him Thursday evening in the Tanglewilde neighborhood outside Lacey, Thurston County sheriff’s Lt. Ray Brady told The Olympian.

Brady did not confirm whether Reinoehl wielded or fired the weapon, as some witnesses reported. Information does not support witness accounts that he was armed with a rifle, Brady said.

The handgun was recovered from the scene and was the only firearm the suspect had, Brady confirmed.


By yesterday, however, the Washington Post and a few other outlets were claiming that Reinoehl was shot without warning.

When police last week surrounded Michael Forest Reinoehl, a self-described anti-fascist suspected of fatally shooting a member of a far-right group in Portland, Ore., the wanted man wasn’t obviously armed, a witness to the scene said Wednesday.

In fact, according to Nate Dinguss, Reinoehl was clutching a cellphone and eating a gummy worm as he walked to his car outside an apartment complex in Lacey, Wash. That’s when officers opened fire without first announcing themselves or trying to arrest him, Dinguss, a 39-year-old who lives in the apartment complex, said in a statement shared with The Washington Post.

Dinguss said he never saw Reinoehl pull out a gun.

He said he watched as two unmarked police vehicles converged on Reinoehl as he walked to his car, holding his phone and chewing on a piece of candy. The officers never audibly identified themselves and didn’t try to arrest Reinoehl, Dinguss said.

Instead, he said they immediately began firing. When Reinoehl heard the gunfire, he ducked behind his car, which was pinned in by the law enforcement vehicles; he never tried to get inside, Dinguss said, and he never saw him reaching for a weapon. Dinguss said he watched police unleash rapid-fire rounds at Reinoehl, once pausing to shout “Stop!” before resuming their fire.


Other outlets specified that he was eating a gummy worm.

This is a deeply irresponsible excuse for journalism. There is a shooting investigation underway. Multiple witnesses say that Reinoehl pulled a gun on the police. A gun was recovered. There is a video of a member of the arresting task force administering CPR to Reinoehl which is not what you’d expect to happen after a targeted killing.

If the police want you to die, you probably will. Recall that one of the bank robbers in the North Hollywood shootout in 1997, Emil Mătăsăreanu, was allowed to bleed out over a 70-minute period.

For this to be the no-notice shooting this new “witness” claims it is, everyone had to be in on the story; they had to assume they would be videoed in the act (see the Jacob Blake shooting, and the George Floyd arrest); and they definitely wouldn’t want Reinoehl to survive.

In short, this is nothing more or less than some members of the national media trying to create a narrative to support the unsupported and unsupportable assertion constantly made on the left that the police in Oregon and Washington are in league with the so-called Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. The subtext behind his bullsh** rumormongering is that the police viewed the killing of Danielson as being a killing of one of their own and a conspiracy was created to ensure that Reinoehl was gunned down in cold blood in a revenge killing.



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