Is Ronna McDaniel an Idiot? If She Isn't, Why Is She Acting Like One?

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Scratch any current establishment politician and you find a quisling close under the surface struggling to get out. They are eaten up with the unrequited desire to be loved and respected and admired by people who actually loathe them.


Case in point: RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. She was interviewed by ABC’s Jon Karl and Rick Klein. Both of those reporters are openly hostile to the administration.


Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told ABC News’ “Powerhouse Politics” podcast on Thursday that speakers at the Republican National Convention can and should mention Jacob Blake‘s name, a man who was shot by police seven times in Wisconsin, as Blake’s name was only briefly mentioned in the prayer on Tuesday night.

“Of course we can make mention of Jacob Blake‘s name and the president has reached out to the family,” McDaniel told ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl and Political Director Rick Klein ahead of the last night of the RNC. “I hope that they do tonight. I think a lot of it has been pre-taped … because of the virtual nature of many of the speeches, that wasn’t in the news at the time that some of those speeches were taped. I’m saying right now as party chair we want to see this investigated; we want to see this seen through.”

This answer, itself, is why we can’t have good things. It buys the left’s narrative that Blake is a victim of police violence when every scintilla of evidence screams that is not even close to being the case.

Seriously. Based on what we know right now (read Shipwreckcrew’s Jacob Blake Had An Outstanding Warrant and a Knife — Two are Dead and Kenosha Burned Down For Nothing) all that we can say is that if you are a habitual criminal with a deep disrespect for authority, you have no right to be surprised when that turns out to be a painful experience. The riots in Kenosha have nothing to do with police behavior. There is no reason to acknowledge the fraudulent cause of a riot that has claimed at least two lives directly…for much the same behavior that got Blake shot.

Sometimes you think that for these people winning is such a foreign experience that the thought of winning gives them a case of the heebie-jeebies or something. They seem to have a collective case of Impostor Syndrome, living their lives knowing they are frauds and holding positions they aren’t qualified to hold. If they lose, they can make excuses and send out a fundraising email over a glass of cheap white wine. But if they win, then they actually have to deliver on stuff and they know that they are temperamentally, if not actually genetically, incapable of doing so.

What do we hope to gain from such an acknowledgment of a common criminal, a perpetrator of domestic violence, who was shot resisting arrest? Who that is inclined to vote against us is going to say, hey, I like these Republicans because they mentioned Jacob Blake? On the other hand, I can answer who we lose by trying some sort of political kung fu by making his cause our cause.


The very last thing the GOP needs to do on the last night of what has been a stellar convention is trying some kind of cheap pander in order to appease people who hate us. It is ugly. It is transparent. It is not credible. And there is nothing worse than a pander than no one anywhere believes. The theme through this convention has been ‘respect for our police” and “law and order.” Jacob Blake is the antithesis of both.  We have nothing to say about him and we should have nothing to say to him.


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