Did Antifa Thugs Just Shoot at Kenosha Sheriff's Officers?

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The sleepy town of Kenosha, Wisconsin, is an unlikely place for an explosion of violence but today that looks like the case.

The backstory is that yesterday, Kenosha police responded to a domestic disturbance. During the call, 29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot at least seven times. Ironically, witnesses say Blake was trying to break up an argument between two women. He’s currently in the hospital in an intensive care unit. The officers in the shooting have been suspended, and the case is the subject of an investigation. This is the video. You can make your own judgment:


That was all that was needed to kick off a round of riots — read the full story by my colleague shipwreckedcrew: Kenosha Wisconsin Explodes in Aftermath of Police Shooting at Domestic Disturbance.

Within hours, Antifa goons who seem to have a formal alliance with Black Lives Matter types were setting up no-go zones in downtown Kenosha. At some point during the night, Kenosha Sheriff’s officers in an armored-up vehicle were blocked by these people (and I use the term ” people” advisedly). There is a confrontation in which, after a couple of warnings, someone in the armored vehicle lobs a crown-control canister. There is some hilarity as one of the black-clad Einsteins heroically throws the canister back at the vehicle, gassing his friends who are blocking it.

There are two very troubling things about this video.

First, the Antifa weenies are setting up an armed checkpoint. At least two of the Che Guevara wannabes are carrying semi-automatic rifles…what the left would call ‘assault weapons.’ This differs markedly from the open-carry seen at many demonstrations in that the weapons are clearly used as implied threats. At 0:11 through 0:24, one of the thugs moves off to the side of the police vehicle and assumes a rather bizarre shooting stance. He doesn’t raise the weapon, but he gives the clear indication that he’s about to do so, to the extent that one of the Sheriff’s deputies warns him not to point the weapon.


The most disturbing thing takes place after the gas canister clears the mostly peaceful protesters from in front of the vehicle. At 1:30, at 1:42-1:43, and 1:53, you hear what sounds like four shots fired. One can’t tell the exact circumstances, but you can say without fear of contradiction that a) the shots did not come from inside the vehicle, and b) there is no legitimate, lawful reason for any rounds to be discharged.

This is not an unsurprising development.

The course of action chosen by the Democrat administrations in many cities to encourage this acting out by Antifa and their BLM compatriots has emboldened them, not mollified them. They are becoming increasingly violent and aggressive. The alacrity with which Antifa acted in Kenosha puts the lie to any claim that there is not an organizational structure governing the operations by that terrorist entity. It is now just a matter of time until we see the first full-blown shoot out between Antifa and law enforcement.



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