Miami-Dade Cops Go Full-Metal Karen and Use Plainclothes Officers to Bust People Not Wearing Face Masks

CREDIT Twitter feed of RealtorP

CREDIT Twitter feed of RealtorP

You didn’t particularly need a lot of political foresight to see how this was going to play out.

It started with “social distancing.” This is the anti-science notion that by keeping six-feet between persons, you can somehow, magically, restrain the spread of Wuhan virus. That might help if someone is hacking up lung biscuits in the Walmart aisle, of course, so would a poncho and galoshes,  but in the case of an infected person breathing (which would be the norm), lab studies have shown exhaled vapor carrying Wuhan virus can remain airborne for up to three hours.


From that, we’ve gone to an unreasoning craze on masks. Despite the absence of any clinical study that documents a mask can protect a healthy person from Wuhan virus, wearing masks has now become something of a badge of being a mindless zombie who does whatever it is told to do good citizen.

In both cases, the virtue-signaling exercises have been accompanied by Draconian orders that shutter businesses and break up funerals and gatherings in private homes. In Kentucky, state troopers were sicced on church-goers at Easter to record their license plates and force them to self-quarantine for fourteen days. We saw a couple in their late 80s forced to leave their beach chairs and sit in the sand by police officers because, apparently, sitting in a chair makes you more vulnerable to Wuhan. New York Governor Andrew “Angel of Death” Cuomo has proclaimed that chicken wings are not really food for the purposes of preventing the spread of Wuhan. You, dear reader, figure out why a bucket of wings is different from a sandwich, I want to hear it.

Now, however, we’ve reached peak stupid.

Miami-Dade has unleashed undercover officers to bust people for not wearing a facemask “properly.” Mind you, this is not for someone refusing to wear a facemask, but for now, wearing it to the satisfaction of a police officer who is so valuable that he’s been assigned to a detail focused on busting people for improper mask wear.


Two cops out writing civil citations for not properly wearing a mask and then doing a dynamite Karen imitation in adding insult to injury by hectoring the poor schlub over the evils of improper mask wear.

Lest you think this is a joke, it isn’t:


What is best, you hear the Karen-Kop give the “I was only following orders” excuse.

There are some lessons here which go hand-in-hand.

First, what we are experiencing in “social distancing” and mandatory facemask wear and the restrictions on religious freedom and the right to assemble in your own f***ing house have zero to do with public health or stopping the virus or saving lives. The states with the most stringent laws have been turned into virtual charnel houses as the elderly and infirm are killed in their thousands by policy decisions that leave you thinking that if those states were deliberately killing off the weakest, how would the policy differ from what you are seeing enacted? The purpose of these laws is to lay out a “public health exception” to Constitutional rights. If you literally can’t go to church because some bureaucrat has decreed a public health emergency over Wuhan virus, how well do you think your rights will survive when “gun violence” becomes a public health crisis? Or obesity? Or driving a car? Just wait until imbecility becomes a public health crisis. A government that can force you to wear a purely symbolic face mask in a prescribed manner can make you wear a yellow Magen David and get on the boxcar.


Second, there is a message here for our brothers in blue. You should look around right now and see who has your back. Clue: It isn’t the people mandating mask wear. This cop had at least two, make that three, choices he chose not to make; 1) do nothing because it is a stupid order, 2) warn the guy instead of f***ing him out of $110 (unless, which is entirely likely, he has a quota of tickets to write), 3) if you’re going to ticket him, be a man about it, stop nagging, and don’t make excuses like some little b**ch. I’m perfectly willing to defund the police and rely upon my own means to protect myself. If I’m going to be hazed and harassed over some bullsh**, like not wearing a mask by some guy who can kill me and seems to think real crime has ended, I don’t see a downside to disbanding the police and letting us all fend for ourselves. Dude, I don’t need you to keep me safe. I really don’t. You, however, do need my help to keep your job and to go home safely at night. Think about it. A lot. Move your lips if you have to.



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