Seattle's Autonomous Zone Gets a Warlord and He's Doing What the Cops Should've Done

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Seattle protest graffiti

Things in the newly declared ‘autonomous zone’ in Seattle are just going swimmingly. This zone was established yesterday when antifa/BLM protesters took over about 6-8 blocks of downtown Seattle and established a nascent People’s Republic in the best Bolshevik tradition. It wasn’t much of an accomplishment as the protesters were facing a feckless and sympathetic political structure and the police who weren’t deeply compromised were totally neutered. Read all of RedState’s coverage of this nonsense:


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Of course, things aren’t running flawless, when you’ve lived in Mom’s basement for your entire adult life you sort of forget how to do the basics, like find food: Hilarious Story of the Day: Radical Leftists in ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Seattle Already Have a Huge Problem.

And there is one other problem. They are finding that an armed and organized element with leadership that isn’t afraid to use violence pretty much trumps all the slogans and antifa bullsh** you can spout.

A hip-hop artist, at least according to his Wikipedia entry, who goes by the name of Raz Simone is now the de facto ruler of the autonomous zone.

And the useless punks participating in this are getting a lesson about what happens when the cops don’t wear nameplates and have exactly zero f***s left go give about your feelings. This is an example of the summary justice that they seem so eager to inflict on the rest of us.



And like any good police department, Simone was ready to put the best spin on the incident:

Screw these people. Really. And if they want me to fly out there and help them beat some anarchist butt, I’ll pay my own way. I hope that until whatever passes for authority in Seattle decides to end this nonsense that these people are ruled by an iron rod. I’m hoping they starve. I’m hoping they end up wallowing in actual, physical feces in addition to the metaphorical feces that are their political values. Maybe when their chancre-ridden, diseased, malnourished asses come straggling out of their ‘autonomous zone’ that they are just a little wiser. Though I wouldn’t count on it.









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