New York City Arbitrarily Declares 3,700 New Wuhan Virus Deaths That May Have Zero Connection to the Pandemic

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, File

FILE – In this March 31, 2020 file photo, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at the USTA Indoor Training Center where a 350-bed temporary hospital will be built in New York. De Blasio is calling for a national enlistment program for doctors and nurses, on Friday, April 3, to handle an expected surge in coronavirus cases in New York and other places around the country. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, File)


Today, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he was adding 3,700 people to that city’s death toll for the Wuhan virus pandemic.

New York City, already a world epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, sharply increased its death toll by more than 3,700 victims on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.

The new figures, released by the city’s Health Department, drove up the number of people killed in New York City to more than 10,000, and appeared to increase the overall United States death count by 17 percent to more than 26,000.

Apparently, the rationale was that there were some 3,700 ‘excess’ deaths in New York City since March and because they were excess, the only thing that could possibly have caused them was Wuhan virus. This is statistically suspect. Deaths do not follow a straight line, and you can’t really tell excess deaths until you get somewhere near the last quarter of the year.

A better guess is this. Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reported a negative number of hospitalizations. ICU demand is very low. The demand for all the resources that have flowed into New York is very low. In fact, Panicky Andy was sounding upbeat today. When this pandemic is declared over, then people will start to get back to normal…carrying with them a very vivid memory of how they were treated by totalitarians who used the crisis to attempt to crush civil liberties. De Blasio, and many other Democrats, are anxious to keep the US paralyzed for as long as possible because they see a payoff in increasing dependency and destroying free enterprise. In particular, many Democrats see the pandemic as a way of convincing the Congress to make whole state budgets that are being crushed by the lack of revenue that is, in large part, the direct result of heavy-handed police state tactics implemented by Democrat governors and mayors. What better way to prolong the crisis, both in New York and the nation, than by inflating the body count more than New York has already done so?




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