Democrats Plot a 9/11-Style Commission to Blame President Trump for Wuhan Virus Response

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks during a coronavirus (COVID-19) update briefing Monday, March 30, 2020, in the Rose Garden at the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)


My how the world has changed.

Back on January 31, when President Trump imposed a travel restrictions on persons attempting to enter the United States from China, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the national media excoriated him as a racist and a xenophobe and as someone who violated our sacred national norms. Now, that the United States has ground to a halt under the weight of bureaucratic restrictions deemed necessary by the ‘experts’ to stop this virus, a virus which shows mild-to-zero symptoms in about 86% of the people infected with it, the same people are claiming that the Administration was negligent in its reaction. For instance, MSNBC’s most famous on-air adulterous couple proclaimed that ‘everyone,’ that is, except the Trump administration, saw this coming back in early January:

Here, the Second-Most-Slappable-Face-on-the-Internet®  is flogging an editorial by the Boston Globe that claims that President Trump’s reaction was so inept that he “has blood on his hands.”


House Democrats, still smarting over the repudiation of Adam Schiff’s impeachment travesty by both the U.S Senate (this was the first time ever that any impeachment charge presented to the Senate failed to gain a majority vote) and the American people (Trump’s approval rating increased during and after the impeachment trial) have now decided that with the dishonest reporting of the national media as a wind at their back that they will move on to a major investigation of how the Trump administration responded to the crisis.

Informal discussions have begun on Capitol Hill about the possibility of creating a panel to scrutinize the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic that would be modeled on the commission that investigated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, according to four people familiar with the discussions.

They described the discussions as “very preliminary” and involving mostly congressional Democrats.

One option could be a plan to review the administration’s response in the annual National Defense Authorization Act, two of the people said.

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The review would focus on lessons learned about the government’s preparedness and what the administration could have handled better, they said, adding that the goal would be to come up with a better plan to handle a pandemic in the future.

A wholesale examination of the administration’s response could gain traction with the passing of a gruesome milestone Tuesday, when the number of deaths in the U.S. from the coronavirus surpassed the number of people who were killed on 9/11.

But the formation of any commission, or possible congressional investigations, wouldn’t happen until after the country is through the crisis, the people familiar with the discussions said. Some lawmakers have suggested putting off any investigation until after November’s presidential election, they said.

The bipartisan 9/11 Commission was created by legislation signed into law by President George W. Bush to review the government’s preparedness for and response to the 2001 terrorist attacks. It was formed a year after the attacks and two years before Bush was up for re-election.


This is the kicker on the real agenda:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff says he is working on a draft of a bill to form a commission.

The odds of any ‘commission’ being formed approach zero. For that to happen there would not only have to be bipartisan agreement in the House that such a course of action was warranted, but the Senate and the Administration would have to agree to go along with it. The best the Democrats can hope for is to create a sideshow in the Defense Authorization Act mark-up process. That this entire story is based upon the fantasy of people who, given NBC’s track record over the last four years, may or may not exist, this smells more like a fundraising gimmick than a real plan.

Leaving aside the bullsh** nature of the story, the sheer dishonesty of comparing the deaths of over 3,000 Americans at the hands of terrorist on a single morning with the deaths of a similar number of people, nationwide, over the course of over two months is staggering. The only ‘milestone’ here, grim or otherwise, is that of demonstrating just how corrupt and partisan our national media are and demonstrating the extent to which the Democrats will gleefully kill Americans and destroy our institutions in the pursuit of power.



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