Tater Stelter Spins a Bizarre Story of Fredo's Older Brother Actually Calling the Shots on Wuhan Virus Response


Brian Stelter

The Tater was in rare form today. He claims that the White House, which apparently has no access to telephones and no liaison officers in Albany, is sitting on the edge of it seats and waiting to see what Fredo’s older brother is going to do, and then they rush out to do his bidding.


Even by the abysmal standards of total sh** journalism set by this plump little toad, this is rock bottom because it is simply a lie.

There are two separate parts to the equation.

First off, there is no doubt that President Trump is going out of his way to assist all governors regardless of their politics. New York’s Cuomo is getting attention for two reasons: the number of confirmed cases (emphasis on confirmed cases, not actual cases) is the highest in New York and he’s less of a hysterical incompetent ass than is New York City mayor de Blasio. Trump and his advisers understand that there is no percentage in bossing governors around and this cooperation has been rewarded by both Cuomo and Gavin Newsome praising federal response. As the situation there abates, and it will, the national spotlight will shift to some other state. We can only hope to Heaven that it is not Ohio where Mike DeWine is making California’s Jerry Brown look anchored in reality


The idea that the Trump administration is taking its cues from Cuomo is little short of bizarre. If fact, Cuomo announcing that New York had received clearance to begin a clinical trial for a drug combo that was being pushed by President Trump and belittled by the left such as leftist twits like this:

shows that he is taking cues from the Administration.

In reality, there is a lot of communication and a lot of cooperation going on from both parties because they are locked in this situation together and if either fails, the other is going to look very bad in the process.

Like him or not, President Trump has upped his game to meet the Wuhan virus crisis. He was, as far as I can tell, one of the first world leaders to order an end to Chinese air travel to the United States and to require screening at the three US airports that handled most traffic from China. He had the FDA cut red tape and a potential vaccine entered clinical trials in a phenomenal 45 days after research started. Further slashing of regulations has allowed test-at-home diagnostics to be made available and has resulted in the FDA approving a test that can give results in 45 minutes. He has done federal things, like invoke the Defense Production Act and order federal resources into New York. Cuomo has done state things, like curfews, and requested aid from the federal government as needed…and by needed I mean as much as he can wring out of the federal government.


Both sides are talking to each other but the idea that Cuomo is somehow running the show with the Trump administration meekly following along is just another part of the narrative the media is trying to build to tear down Trump’s approval ratings and to build Cuomo up as a frontrunner in 2024.


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