Sorry, American Left, Baghdad Is Not and Will Not Be Another Benghazi

The one reason that I refuse to have any dealings with the American left is that about 40 years ago, during the Reagan administration, the left started actively rooting for dead Americans to advance their political agenda. And if Americans couldn’t be found to kill, they were happy to kill anyone else. The origins of this strategy were, I believe, in the sell-out of South Vietnam. By cutting off funding to South Vietnam and unleashing a communist reign of terror in Laos and Vietnam and a fairly enthusiastic genocide in Cambodia, the left discovered that by killing enough people, assuming a Republican was president, it could gain and maintain power.

This accidental discovery led to the left trying to give Central America to the communists and their slavish devotion to the Soviet-inspired and funded Nuclear Freeze movement. Under George Bush, Jack Murtha, who I trust is trussed up on a rotisserie in deepest reaches of Hell, advocated a ‘slow bleed’ strategy whereby the Democrats controlling the House after 2006 would throttle back on resources available to troops in Iraq so the body count would rise and force a US withdrawal.

Today, as US embassy personnel and troops are in danger in Baghdad, you find the left rather shamelessly hoping for casualties. The reason they want dead Americans is that they are still smarting from the abject and deliberate failure of the Obama administration–and Hillary Clinton–to take even modest steps to protect US personnel in Libya, and the cravenness that let Americans die in Benghazi because Hillary Clinton literally couldn’t decide what uniform the rescue mission should wear (READ: When the Benghazi Phone Rang At 3AM, Hillary Clinton Was Obsessed Over What Clothing the Marines Should Wear).

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Baghdad will not be another Benghazi. For a lot of reasons.

First and foremost, the Administration acknowledged that the Green Zone was becoming very dangerous and evacuated all nonessential personnel a week ago. This reduced the vulnerability of staff. Today, as mobs invaded the embassy grounds, the Trump administration deployed about 100 additional US Marines to Baghdad along with at least two AH-64 Apache attack helicopters. This measured deployment before the embassy was actually in an in extremis situation nearly guarantees the integrity of the embassy building and safety for the staff.

This will not be another Benghazi because we have a President who is willing to put American lives and American interests first.