If Impeachment Is so Unpopular Then Why Are These Highly Endangered Freshman Democrats Voting for It

Red Hammer by Marcus Yeagley, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Red Hammer by Marcus Yeagley, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

As several of us have pointed out, the impeachment of President has some significant obstacles. Not only are the charges utter flimflammery, the process seen as unfair, it is demonstrably partisan as not a single GOP representative supports and several Democrats oppose it, and it is unpopular with the voters.


Where this is hitting hardest is in the more than a dozen districts that went for Donald Trump and where Republicans out-register Democrats, living and dead, by four or more points. In those districts, Donald Trump is more popular today than he was in 2016, the economy is doing well, and the Russia Hoax nonsense that was behind some of these districts flipping has been dispelled. We’ve seen the harsh reception that some of these have received at home.

This is Abigail Spanberger at a townhall meeting on December 8. Spanberger defeat David Brat in VA-7. This was Eric Cantor’s old seat and it rated as +6 Republican.

For more details read Vulnerable Virginia Democrat Gets Dragged By Constituents During an Open House Over Her Impeachment Stance.

On the same day Kendra Horn was facing constituents in a meeting in OK-5. The R+10 district had been held by a retired Army infantry officer and outstanding combat commander, Steve Russel, until 2018.


For details read Another Trump District Dem Gets Excoriated by Constituents at Town Hall: ‘If She Votes For Impeachment, She’s Screwed’

Lasts weekend, a third such townhall went south. Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin who carried the R+4 Michigan-8 district was hammered on impeachment.

Read more at A Trump District Democrat Announces Support for Impeachment, It Doesn’t Go Well.

And yet, all three of these Congresswomen, all of whom hail from districts which they should not have won and facing protests over impeachment, have firmly lined up to support it.


Adding to this list is Anthony Brindisi who flipped the R+6 NY-22.

While some of us, me included, thought that Democrats in Red or Purple districts might be hesitant to vote for impeachment because of the backlash and perhaps give Nancy Pelosi a black eye, it now appears that there was a much more counterintuitive process underway.

A vulnerable freshman Democrat voting for impeachment mostly angers people who would not vote for them anyway and it has the advantage of locking in support from their local base voters and guaranteeing some level of financial support from the DNC. It might even get them some support from that mushy moderate demographic that is all about voting their emotions (courage and all that, donchknow?). Voting against impeachment probably doesn’t make Trump voters vote for them, most Trump voters will probably be anxious to flip the House to put an end to this nonsense, but it will depress the number of votes they’d receive from their base and the level of resources they’d get from the DNC. In these three cases, they all know, particularly Horn, that they are probably on borrowed time as 2020 is looking to be a high turnout election. Their survival is inextricably wedded to the fate of the Democrat party, no matter what stance they take, and they have little to lose by voting for something as unpopular as impeachment. And they have everything to gain from it, in fact, their political survival demands that they do it.



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