Look at All the Media Figures Who Lied to Us About the Carter Page FISA Warrants and the Steele Dossier

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I’m not a person inclined to engage is score-settling. I’m a firm believer in letting bygones be bygones, forgive and forget, just move on and get on with your life… Okay, I lied. My family hails from Appalachia. I understand feuds and score-settling at least as well as any Sicilian mafioso you will come into contact with. My wife’s folks are off-the-boat Irish and she has inherited early onset Irish Alzheimer’s (that’s where, in the terminal stages, you forget everything except the grudges) and I’ve found that I, too, may suffer from this malady. I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity the report by Department of Justice IG Michael Horowitz is giving us all to go back and identify the liars, the cretins, the charlatans, and the mouth breathers who have insisted for three years that a) the Steele Dossier was corroborated in some way and b) that the Steele Dossier was not the central document used to rationalize three FISA warrants against a hapless Carter Page.


The reason why this is so important is that in 2017, California Republican Devin Nunes wrote a memo that spelled out, in detail, the flaws in the Page FISA warrant applications and the centrality of an uncorroborated (and largely unverifiable) Steele Dossier to that warrant. It was with some great sense of schadenfreude that I read the CIA referred to that document as an “internet rumor.” See my post on the accuracy of the Nunes memo: IG Report Shows That Devin Nunes’s 2018 Memo Was 100% Accurate and Way Too Kind to the FBI.

Yesterday, Bonchie started the festivities based on a Twitter threat by the inestimable Sean Davis. This identified various Vichy Conservatives and grifters who self identify as conservatives who had firmly defended the Steele Dossier. Read: Happy Receipt Day: Here’s a Reminder of the ‘Conservatives’ Who Insisted FISA Abuse Was a Conspiracy Theory. Here is another couple to add to that collection:



Here a some worthy contributions by some of my favorite Twitter follows, @Techno_Fog


Even at the time, virtually no one believed that any court with a literal 99.97% approval rate on warrants is much more than a rubber stamp. We were gaslighted to believe that there was an intensive review process, but, as we see with the Carter Page warrant, the process is driven by what the guys at the top of the food chain want to happen.

Anyone who ever took Bradly Moss and Ken Dilanian for anything more that shills for various government entities deserves whatever humiliation that comes with it.

The Horowitz report shows that 100% of the claims by Landay and Wilkinson were wrong.


Mariotti has been lying about the Russia Hoax for three years. The Horowitz report shows that the only parts of the dossier that were corroborated were those done by open sources and it shows that some parts of the dossier were known to be false from a very early stage (Read: FBI Knew in January 2017 that ‘Golden Showers’ Idea was Dreamed Up in a Bar).

Asha Rangappa is to law enforcement what Stolen Valor is to military folks. She served about three years in the FBI–such seniority does not allow you to get coffee for the squad without assistance–and she portrays herself as a huge expert on counterintelligence. She was absolutely dragged on Twitter yesterday as her fraudulent and bullsh** statements came home to roost.


I’ve called out Daniel Dale’s lies so often that I’ve been blocked by him. I consider it a badge of sanity.

Keep in mind, Shane Harris has basically been James Comey’s sockpuppet since this fiasco started.

There are more out there.

There is a difference in being wrong and in intentionally spreading disinformation. Being wrong would be involve a preface like “I think” or “I believe.” These people peddled unadulterated balderdash and did so deliberately.

The only outstanding question here is whether these people were just stupid and mouthing arguments that they’d picked up from the media groupthink in order to win Twitter arguments…or whether they were being actively fed these stories by people with the FBI and intelligence community which whom they conspired to spread this disinformation. Regardless, they need to own this stupidity and they should never be allowed to live down their role is actively deceiving the American people because they hated Trump that much.




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