President Trump Takes Some Well Deserved Jabs at Adam Schiff While Pardoning Thanksgiving Turkeys

Every Thanksgiving, the President of the United States pardons a turkey. The custom dates from only 1989 (though both Reagan and Kennedy did offer executive clemency to gift turkeys) and I’m not a fan of it. Were it my call I’d have a chopping block in the Rose Garden…


The White House received its two turkeys, “Bread” and “Butter,” and has documented their journey:

While the build-up might have been usual, the actual pardon was quintessential Trump:


I’m sure it won’t be long until we read a 1,000-word thinkpiece at The Bulwark or National Review decrying Trump mocking Schiff and his impeachment charade as a danger to the Constitution. There will undoubtedly be a virtue-signaling editorial by some commentary writer at the Washington Examiner about the need for civility. But it is moments like this, when Trump refuses to go along with the kabuki theater carried out by ‘very serious people’, that keeps the voters who elected him loyal.


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