Trump's Campaign Engages in Some Priceless Mockery of the Left's Hysteria Over President Trump's Physical


On Saturday, President Trump made an unplanned (so far as we know) visit to Walter Reed National Medical Center. The way it was announced by the White House press secretary was like this:


Immediately, the mongering of rumors kicked off:

Trump’s health has been turned into some sort of weird fetish with decidedly autoerotic overtones ever since he was inaugurated. Remember these:


Oddly enough, though, if you question the health of Ruth Bader Ginsburg…who has had three different varieties of cancer…you are a ghoul. And the demand for transparency in personal health is not made of any other member of the US government. Not in Congress. Not on the Supreme Court.


What did Trump do on Saturday? Who knows. Maybe it was a 2-hour physical. Maybe he was feeling less than 100% and didn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction of gloating about it. Maybe he had some tests done that were time-consuming. Maybe it was a slow day and the White House press office just decided to jerk some people around.

The speculation did, however, give the Trump campaign organization a chance to show its chops.



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