It Wasn't Racist When Bernie Sanders Said That Elijah Cummings's Constituents Were Living In Squalor and It Isn't Racist Now

This morning President Trump took aim at Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings for his Captain Ahab-like monomania about persecuting Trump while most of his district compares unfavorably with random cities in Syria in terms of services and safety.

Since then the usual suspects have pounced and seized upon this as racism. CNN had some guy I’d never heard of before today, this Victor Blackwell fellow, put on quite a show of weeping and blowing snot while lying his ass off about what was said and the clear…at least to native English speakers…meaning.

Saying an area is insect and rodent infested does not mean the people are rodents and insects, it means that the place is infested with rodents and insects. In the West Baltimore area represented by Cummings for some three decades, that is objectively true.

C’mon, Victor, man up, stop sniveling, show a little pride, and, as the man said, let him who has eyes, see.

And Trump is right, people don’t want to live there but they are forced to live there by circumstances. West Baltimore is losing population and the only way poverty pimps like Cummings can stay in power is to convince hapless people that he would help them if The Man wasn’t keeping him down. Cummings, just like the Palestinian authority, has no interests in the well being of his constituents because his only hold on them is as a dispenser of largess and a voice for their grievances.

Trump is not the only melanin-challenged politician to notice this. In the last presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders visited West Baltimore.

“Anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think you’re in a wealthy nation,” Sanders told reporters later at the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center in Bolton Hill. “You would think that you were in a Third World country.”

You may not like what Trump said. You may think he’s a mean, mean man.

But, objectively, the West Baltimore part of Cummings’s district is a disgrace. It is extraordinarily violent. This happened in a good area of Cummings’s district on Wednesday:

And this classic

And it is filled with despair. People are voting with their feet, hence the boarded up buildings.

The outrage should be directed at the conditions American citizens have to endure and the immensely corrupt and deeply inbred political system that created it. Not at President Trump for pointing it out.

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