VIDEO. Overview of the Barr Presser--There Isn't Anything Here

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William Barr just finished up his presser. Wow. Impressive. The guy is cool and unruffled and totally controlled the event. Here are the highlights.



The big event was obstruction because there was no collusion and the people who pimped this for two years are going to look damned stupid if there was nothing. Borrowing language from the Special Counsel’s report, this is how Barr described the “obstruction.”


Funny stories here.

Reporter: why did you call it “unprecedented?” Isn’t that strong? Barr: Do you have a precedent? Reporter: No… Barr shrugs and goes to another question.

Dweebish reporter with a scraggly hipster beard: Why isn’t Mueller and his team here. This is his report. Barr: No, it is a report that Mueller submitted to me, it is my responsibility to decide what to do with it.

Reporter with bad haircut and roll of neck fat: Isn’t it improper for you to do this? Barr: No.



He was asked if Mueller would testify before Congress:

More will come later but if this is what there is, this has been a huge waste of the nation’s time and resources.

The video is cued up at start of the presser.

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