The Trump White House Does a Partial Cave to Feinstein and Harris On Ninth Circuit Nominees

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran a story on how three conservatives nominated to the rogue Ninth Circuit, but whose nominations lapsed with the last Congress, had been left off the list of nominees resubmitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Many of us cried foul. According to the story, the White House was trying to reach some kind of a bargain with Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, allegedly to grease the skids for the inevitable replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. There are several reasons to not engage in negotiations with either Feinstein or Harris. Harris is running for president. She is incapable, even under ideal circumstances of dealing in good faith (I blame her long-term adulterous and parasitic relationship with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown), and expecting her to do so while running for the presidency is an incredibly stupid working assumption. Feinstein, likewise, is not trustworthy and after her performance during the Kavanaugh auto-da-fé any Republican who deals with her should be shunned. Most importantly, because of the “blue slip” policy, wisely undone by Chuck Grassley, batty California senators were given immense power in handpicking equally batty nominees to the Ninth Circuit. This resulted in, it sometimes seemed, on jurisprudence there and another for the rest of the nation. That nuttiness has really been evident since the election of President Trump and the idea that the White House would propagate that nonsense in quest of some will-o-the-wisp deal with two vicious, untrustworthy partisans seems like something the George W. Bush White House would dream up.


The White House is now announcing that two of the tree nominess, Daniel Collins, Kenneth Lee, have been renominated to the Ninth Circuit while Patrick Bumatay is being nominated to a district judge position. This is just bullsh**. We have the votes to crush Democrat opposition. The fact they don’t like a guy…and Feinstein and Harris were terrified of Bumatay because he’s young, Filipino, conservative and gay, making him almost bulletproof to their attacks—is reason itself to push his nomination through.

What did the White House get for this? The safe bet is nothing. What the White House will learn, yet again, is that the Democrats haven’t resigned themselves to being the Senate minority party and they still mistake kindness for weakness. This caving to two of the most disgusting members of the Democrat caucus will only bring more pain on the White House, not cooperation.

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