BREAKING. President Trump Announces the Venue for His State of the Union Address

Your move Nancy

Just minutes ago, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took to Twitter to announce the venue for the State of the Union Address. Ever since Nancy Pelosi lied about the ability of the Secret Service to secure the Capitol and postponed the scheduled State of the Union Address there have been a lot of rumors on what would happen. He might revert to the form of the early Republic and send a written message. He might give it in Texas with the border as the backdrop.


Now we know:

That’s right. In the chamber of the House of Representatives.

In fact, this was sort of foreshadowed:

Last week, Pelosi denied the Secret Service and administration reps approval to do a walk-through of the Capitol in preparation for the speech.


This is going to be epic.

It is going to be very hard for Pelosi to bar Trump from either the Capitol (she can’t) or from the House chamber (the optics of this would be the stuff of legend). She might very well let him show up and the Democrats boycott the SOTU. Again, the optics of that for the Democrats isn’t great. The next move is up to Pelosi and Schumer. Stand by for more details.

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