President Trump Cancelled Nancy Pelosi's Government Funded Vacation While She's On the Bus and the Reactions Are Comedy Gold

Just a short while ago, President Trump informed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that just as the government shutdown prevented him from giving a State of the Union Address, that same shutdown prevented her using military aircraft for a taxpayer funded winter vacation.

Some on our side don’t understand why he did this, they’d rather he had given a thirty-seven point PowerPoint presentation on something

(There is, by the way, an easy and obvious answer to all of Shapiro’s objection. No one in the media cares about Pelosi lying. No one anywhere cares about the cost. She took a public slap at Trump with her wrinkled little hands and he is taking a swipe right back.)

The real golden part to the cancellation is that she was literally, actually on the bus waiting to head for Joint Base Andrews.

Pelosi has been scheduled to visit Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan alongside other with other lawmakers. They were seen waiting on a bus outside a House Office Building on Capitol Hill on Thursday afternoon when White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted the president’s letter.

The reactions from the left are utterly hilarious:

What? Revealing a trip that is not going to be taken is now a thing? And the only way our troops would be used as pawns would be if the wizened, desiccated old harpy actually showed up in Afghanistan.

The “holy sh**, this guy is so stupid his hair must hurt” award goes here

The CODEL wasn’t cancelled. The military aircraft were. Last I looked, Trump, not Pelosi, is commander-in-chief.

Back away from the tentacle porn, Kurt, it’s rotting your brain.

This isn’t government but it is freakin hilarious. The withdrawal of the invitation tendered to Trump to give the State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress, and lying about the reason, was a chickensh** act by a chickensh** person. Trump’s retaliation isn’t going to put Pelosi in much of a mood to negotiate but I’m not sure that is a big deal. She’ll move when enough of her members start to complain. Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t have to worry about a restive caucus. He just has to decide to veto whatever is sent to him unless he gets what he wants.

Pelosi’s cheerleaders are so freakin pathetic. The best they have is that Trump revealed a trip that Pelosi isn’t taking and as Pelosi isn’t flying anywhere overseas via commercial…that is just so plebian and un-royal…the idea that she was going on this trip anyway is just laughable. Hopefully, Pelosi, at least, learned a valuable life lesson from this about trying to troll the master.

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