The Media Discovers a New Phrase to Dismiss a Border Wall

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If you’ve paid attention to them for any period of time, you know the reporters at the major media are just about as independent minded as your typical herd of sheep. They move in lockstep. They quote each other. And, quite obviously, they obviously talk to each other to develop key words and phrases that populate news coverage across the spectrum. Over the years Rush Limbaugh has done the best job of gathering these sound clips together so you can see just how monolithic our news coverage is.

From the 2000 election and the selection of Dick Cheney to be vice president:

This one is from 2015 on the reason why Trump can’t be elected:

Now there is a new one catch phrase being used in connection with President Trump wanting to build a border wall

That is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the Google search for Trump + “vanity project” over the past week–I’ve deleted all references to Kamala Harris’s use of the term which set off orgasms on the left. You’re still left with well over 100 separate references.

For the reasons Mike Ford outlined yesterday, installing a wall along large portions of our border with Mexico is probably the only way we are going to be able control illegal immigration. Without a wall, it will require a prohibitive number of Border Patrol agents and support personnel. Constructing a wall not only makes crossing the border more difficult, and thereby increasing the likelihood that those areas will be avoided, it sends a very clear message that we are serious about enforcing the rule of law, even against future Democrat voters.

That Trump is serious about immigration enforcement, with and without a wall, has mightily disturbed editorial suites and the Chamber of Commerce. That’s why the wall rates a specific term or phrase to discredit it. Look for more of it an look for other permutations as the shutdown drags on.

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