President Trump's Visit to Iraq Was the Archetype For Every Action By Trump

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The trip by President Trump to the US base at al-Assad airbase in Iraq has proven to be exactly no different than basically any other action by President Trump. First we have the utterly unhinged NeverTrump people slinging spittle:


One can’t help but gloat here at the fact that by the time Wilson and Milano sent these out, Trump was already on the ground in Iraq. And a note to the no-talent has-been Montel:

Then we have a fairly successful execution of a plan that has been in the works for a while


And Trump manages to step on his own message by ad libbing praises to himself:

The media immediately, attacks the people who were happy with the action (Bonchie’s diary is a must-read)

And then, whatever Trump did either wasn’t good enough


Or what he did just didn’t matter.

This is sort of pathetic. And it was really fun watching the “I don’t like Trump but I will praise him when he’s right” wing of NeverTrump suddenly find this trip to be so wrong that they couldn’t say anything good about it.

Ironically, the media opposition to Trump has become rote and predictable. No one even bothers to read the negative stories about Trump and his administration anymore because everyone already knows exactly what they are going to say. When you have the cognitive dissonance of positive imagery and negative reporting, the reporting is discredited even by people who are inclined to believe the story.


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