Google Rejects Marsha Blackburn Ad Because It Shows Democrats in a Bad Light

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On Sunday, Marsha Blackburn, who is running for the Senate seat vacated by empty suit Bob Corker against Democrat former governor Phil Bredesen, held a rally with recently discovered conservative rock star Lindsey Graham. This was the day after the massacre of eleven worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue and Blackburn asked for a moment of silence. That isn’t what she got.


Naturally, as Republicans have been pushing the “Democrats stand for mobs not jobs” theme (FACT CHECK: True since at least 1968), Blackburn cranked out ads showing the flower of the Democrat party in full bloom.

All was well until they tried to run it on Google ads. Google decided that showing Democrats in their natural setting was too unsettling.

Blackburn’s campaign was planning to promote its ads, which it titled “Stop The Mob,” on Google’s various platforms and services, but Google would not approve them due to “shocking content,” the email from Google Ads said.

Sadly, this is not the first time that this has happened to either Blackburn or to Republican candidates.

In 2017, Twitter blocked Blackburn from running a pro-life ad. Twitter and Facebook have blocked ads by GOP congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng because her ads show images of the Khmer Rouge genocide. It seems that the social media moguls get all soily-diaper when you criticize abortion or communism…or Democrat mob rule.

More and more it is becoming clear that Google–and Twitter–and Facebook–is acting as a publisher by imposing editorial standards on content and demanding the protections granted it as a “platform” under the Communications Decency Act. And more and more it is becoming obvious that their decisions are cutting exactly in one direction. There is no reason President Trump or the FCC or the Justice Department should allow this to happen. What you’re seeing from our own social media is much more pervasive than anything emanating from Moscow or Beijing and it has an actual impact on our elections.


As a thought experiment, just look around to see who covers this story.

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