Elizabeth Warren Melts Down as She Gets Repudiated, Owned, and Mocked All in One News Cycle

As they say, if Elizabeth Warren were a car, today President Trump would have had to take her to the DMV and pay a title transfer fee because she was definitely owned.


The day started with Warren off the reservation and on the warpath, launching an attack on Trump that was obviously coordinated with several media outlets.

Her objective was to call out Trump on his challenge that he would pay $1 million to her favorite charity if she could prove she was an Indian. This DNA test was supposed to do that.

The big story of Warren’s Indian ancestry eventually descended into self-parody as it was shown that she might very well be one of the whitest white people around. The most generous interpretation of her non-European DNA indicated a non-European some 7 generations ago making her 1/64 whatever it was. The DNA may have originated 10 generations ago, making her 1/1024 whatever. I say “whatever” because her DNA was compared to DNA from Latin America, not to North American Indian tribes. (Read my post on the test.)

By late afternoon, things were getting bad.

The Cherokee Nation told her she wasn’t one of them and that her political games weren’t helpful.

And she apologized to the Cherokee:


And on the defensive about using her lies about Indian ancestry to get a tenured Ivy League professorship:

Except that Warren is lying through her teeth, read this thread to appreciate the extent to which Warren’s life has been shaped by her lies about her ancestry:

To add insult to injury, the object of her tiny fists of fury, President Trump, mocked her:

Which drew a response that made her sound like a whiny little b-…I mean…whiny little old lady:


By the end of the day, Fauxcahontas was ready for some heap big firewater and warming her ample ass by the flames of her presidential ambitions.

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