BREAKING. Murkowski To Vote No on Kavanaugh

This is the reason why I hate making political predictions because one can never really go wrong overestimating the self-serving duplicity of a politician and, yet, we are taught as Christians to think the best of our fellow man and their motives. Hence, we find ourselves in this position:

Just moments ago, I posted a fearless prediction that Lisa Murkowski would vote yes on Kavanaugh and had voted no on cloture as a sop to the #MeToo harpies who wanted a longer vote.

Now I’m rethinking.

To add some context:

Murkowski seems to have bought into a couple of nutty ideas. First, that because some women, somewhere, have been victims of sexual assault, then Brett Kavanaugh, bearing the Original Sin of Maleness, must be denied a seat on the Supreme Court. The perverseness of that logic cannot be exaggerated. It can and will be applied to literally every job in the nation.

The second idea is that Kavanaugh’s nomination damages the credibility of the Supreme Court presumably because being the subject of an orchestrated smear campaign stains the office to which you have been nominated.

And here it is:

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