Julie Swetnick Might Not Be an Unhinged Lunatic but She Gives a Damned Good Impression of One

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Julie Swetnick, the woman who alleges that as a college student she went to gang-rape parties where the master of ceremonies was a high school student named Brett Kavanaugh, appeared on MSNBC last night. To call the end result a dumpster fire is to give honest dumpster fires everywhere a very bad name. Because I’m lazy this morning, I’m going to tell the tale in tweets. The full interview is at the end of the story.

I don’t know if it is unprecedented for a political hit on television to be preceded by a disclaimer that the story in the interview does not match the story given “under penalty of perjury,” but it should be.

So even though NBC was unable to corroborate the story, the imperative of damaging Kavanaugh was so great that they did so anyway..

And then there were the character witnesses:

Is this repressed trauma a new thing? Ford waited thirty years to reveal she’d been groped in high school and it took marriage counseling brought on over a house remodeling project to get her to talk. This woman hung out at parties where gang rapes were the featured entertainment and was victimized herself but never mentioned it to anyone before Michael Avenatti came on the scene.

And, of course, there are her tax liens. And the time she was sued by her employer for falsifying her resume and sexual harassment.

I’ll close with this bit of sanity from Megyn Kelly:

There is no standard under which Swentick is a credible person with a credible story. The idea that Kavanaugh and Judge were at the center of a gang-rape enterprise involving girls from well connected families who attended sister schools to Georgetown Prep–Madeira, Stone Ridge, and Holton Arms–and no one ever commented on it…not the girls who weren’t raped or the guys who didn’t get a place on the train…beggars the imagination. The notion that Swetnick kept this secret for 37 years is bullsh**.

Oddly enough, Susan Collins wants the FBI to talk to Swetnick:


It could also be one of those wishes that Avenatti regrets making.

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