Senate Judiciary Committee Responds to Michael Avenatti's Slander

Michael Avenatti, attorney for porn actress Stormy Daniels, talks to reporters after a federal court hearing in Los Angeles, Monday, Sept. 24, 2018. Judge S. James Otero appears poised to toss out a defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump by Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. Otero said that a tweet the president wrote in April appears to be “rhetorical hyperbole” and protected speech. (AP Photo/Amanda Lee Myers)


Just a short while ago CreepyPornLawyerTM released a statement by a client of his who alleges that she was at parties where she witnessed other young women drink liquids that had been spiked with drugs or alcohol and then raped. She says she saw Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at these parties. She says she never told anyone about them…and neither did anyone else…until just now because apparently it didn’t seem important.

Let’s count the ways this story is bullsh**.

How many men from Georgetown Prep have had an FBI background investigation or background investigation for a security clearance in the past 35 years? I’m guessing more than one. And yet, this has never come up.

What are the odds of the people at these parties never discussing these parties with anyone else?

Be that as it may, each of these allegations will get investigated and the Senate Judiciary Committee is in the process of evaluating this claim.

And Kavanaugh has his own assessment

Look, this story is crap. The guy pushing the story is crap. The odds of this new woman of cooperating with the Senate Judiciary Committee is about as great as the odds of the Ramirez woman cooperating. These are simply political hits designed to destroy Kavanaugh.

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