Brett Kavanaugh Produces More Character Witnesses Which Just Proves He's Like a Serial Killer

Just a short while ago, Team Kavanaugh released statements from a high school and college girlfriend testifying to his good character:


It is really a shame that the level of discourse has sunk that low, that an out-of-the-blue, unsubstantiated, unmentioned-for-30-years, and self-contradictory allegation is actually taken as anything but what it obviously is: a fraud perpetrated upon the nomination process.

It is equally a shame that we are past the age of dueling–or at least caning–because this kind of douchebaggery should be permanently painful if not fatal:

But, as Brandon Morse noted today, the more Kavanaugh denies the event, the more character witnesses he produces, the more the left and the #MeToo harpies claim that is evidence of his guilt.

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