Laura Loomer Gets Owned (or Sold) by GOP Rep. Billy Long

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Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, along with Facebook’s COO and Hillary Clinton fangirl (here | here) Sheryl Sandberg, was testifying, and by that I mean lying their asses off, before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on, among other subjects, how Twitter and Facebook are actively restricting the ability of users to communicate outside a certain parameter of beliefs. Dorsey, for instance


Amazingly, the “some members of Congress” was limited to Republicans Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and Devin Nunes.

As Dorsey was spinning his tale of fairness and equanimity, he was heckled. Laura Loomer (who I have to admit I’m deliberately unfamiliar with) stood in the back of the room and began shouting that Dorsey was a liar [FACT CHECK: Mostly True]. Duplicitous douchenozzle, or not, I’m pretty much opposed to the peanut gallery interfering with a Congressional committee pretending to care about an issue. I don’t think we should make a fetish of decorum but, absent some grave provocation we should try to maintain it for the good of institutions. The committee chair called for her to be in order, nevertheless she persisted and security was told to remove her. As this drama was playing out, Missouri Republican Bill Long engaged in what can only be called active countermeasures.


You get better audio of Long on this video starting at 0:32.

As you might have figured out, Long was at one point a professional auctioneer. If not, his Twitter handle is a clue


How do we get him over to the Senate Judiciary Committee to give answers to the Democrat questions to Kavanaugh?



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