Adam Schiff Has a Sad Because Devin Nunes Didn't Trust Him


Sometimes, when a person, particularly a celebrity or politician, has lost all sense of self-awareness, they say the most amazing things.

On Friday, Devin Nunes was on Laura Ingraham’s show (by the way, David Hogg, how’s your boycott going?) and he made this revelation.


FBI agents who were concerned about Huma Abedin’s laptop containing classified emails sent by Hillary Clinton being ignored came to the House Intelligence Committee with that information in late September. FBI’s official notification to Congress came a mere eleven days before the 2016 election.

Today, House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff was on Meet the Press with Chuck “Sleepy” Todd. His gripe: Nunes hadn’t told him about the FBI whistleblowers.

“It is deeply disturbing, because if this was shared by New York field agents with Devin Nunes, was it also shared with Rudy Giuliani?” he said. “Or did Devin Nunes do something which we have seen subsequently, which is coordinate with the Trump team? Was this information shared by the committee with Rudy Giuliani, or shared directly with him?”

“We don’t know the answer, but we hope the inspector general will find out.”

The reason that Nunes didn’t tell Schiff about the laptop is rather self-evident. Schiff is the source of most of the leaks coming out of the House Intelligence Committee. Schiff’s leaking is so pervasive that CNN would be justified having him on the payroll as a paid contributor. It was Schiff, you’ll recall, who was giving CNN’s Manu Raju running commentary as Donald Trump, Jr. was testifying. Besides, it is virtually certain that the White House had told Schiff about the laptop so he could begin to prepare the groundwork to protect Hillary.


More to the point, communications with a member of Congress, particularly about possible wrongdoing, are Constitutionally privileged. The inspector general is not legally allowed to investigate communications, of any type, between a federal employee and the House Intelligence Committee. This should be obvious to even Chuck Todd. And likewise, as Nunes is not a member of the Department of Justice, the inspector general can’t investigate him either even if he did tell Rudy Giuliani (where in the hell did that concern come from? In September 2016, virtually no one thought Donald Trump had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning.)

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