Remember the Media Outrage Over Obama's Early Release Jobs Information? I Don't Either

Yesterday, much of the media had its hair on fire over President Trump teasing a stellar jobs report. About an hour before the Bureau of Labor Statistics issued its official press release on the May employment data, President Trump tweeted:


This tweet gave way to all manner of dumbf***ery:

This is a veritable cornucopia of know-nothingness masquerading a commentary:


Fact check…who exactly ran the market based on this tweet an hour before the official press release which comes out an hour before the markets open? Does this guy really think that major companies aren’t buying this same kind of analysis from private vendors?

Let me get this straight…the tweet by Trump is an indicator that Trump called the guy you are making a trade with the night before?

uhhhh….I got nothing.


This is factually false unless the employee released the data to someone with the intent of making a profit off the markets. Absent a felony conviction for insider trading the odds of a firing based on this surviving Merit System Protection Board scrutiny and legal challenges approaches zero.

And finally the Thorazine kicks in and this guy realizes what kind of a clown he’s made of himself.

But the most interesting one is this:

I see this over and over, from the left and from Never Trump people: “what if Obama had [fill in your anti-Trump outrage du jour], then there would be hell to pay.” In the case of Larry Summers’ gripe, we’re fortunate in that we know exactly what would have happened.

This is from Reuters, dated “FEBRUARY 5, 2009 / 12:42 PM,” that would be in the middle of the trading day on the Thursday before unemployment data for January 2009 was posted on Friday.


President Barack Obama predicted more grim economic news when the government releases its January employment data on Friday.

“Tomorrow, we’re expecting another dismal jobs report on top of the 2.6 million jobs that we lost last year,” Obama said during a visit to the Department of Energy on Thursday.

Private economists in a Reuters poll predicted the January employment report would show U.S. employers slashed another 525,000 workers from their payrolls after cutting 524,000 jobs in December.

The report is due out at 8:30 a.m. EST (1330 GMT) on Friday.

If the poll proves correct, it would be the third straight month that employers have shed in excess of half a million workers. The unemployment rate is predicted to jump to 7.5 percent, which would be the highest since August 1992, up from 7.2 percent in December.

Obama discussed the deteriorating job market as he pushed for passage of a roughly $800 billion stimulus package that is under consideration in Congress.

“We know that if we do not act, a bad situation will become dramatically worse. Crisis could turn into catastrophe for families and businesses across the country,” Obama said.

Let’s compare and contrast. Trump teases a good jobs report an hour before markets open and the media befouls itself. Obama predicts a terrible jobs report the day before the release and we have crickets. And if Larry Summers can find an investigation either demanded or conducted because of this “outrage” by Obama, I’ll kiss his fat butt at high noon at a place of his choosing and give him an hour to draw a crowd.


These people are not serious. They aren’t even particularly smart. They oppose Trump viscerally because his very existence offends them and any success he has condemns them as poseurs.

(yes, I know this is whatabboutism and it violates the rules that I should love be held to a different and higher standard than Democrats, but that’s how I roll)

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