New Hotness From the Left. It Isn't Fair That No Israeli Soldiers Were Killed During the Gaza Violence

New Hotness From the Left. It Isn't Fair That No Israeli Soldiers Were Killed During the Gaza Violence

There are people out there who are so profoundly soulless that they will say just about anything to get attention. No matter how stupid and depraved, they are willing to launch any attack. The attempt by Hamas earlier in the week to cause a large scale breach of the fence line separating Gaza and Israel brought a lot of this out.

Some 62 people were killed by Israeli forces. This resulted in the US media portraying it as a massacre of some sorts and a UN hearing where the perpetrators of the violence were cast as the victims.

That was not the case.

But you get idiotic stuff like this.

Apparently, the action was illegitimate because no Israelis were killed.

Carried to its illogical conclusion, it looks like this. Damon Linker is a particularly odious piece of work and this Twitter thread shows why. This is how it starts.

Actually, no.

This is what happens when you send a rabble of armed half-wits into battle against a professional military force occupying prepared positions. The idea that you owe the enemy deaths of your own soldiers in order to legitimize your destruction of the enemy is truly disgusting.

But it gets better.

Not controversial. Obscene is a better description.

I’m also sure a lot of your best friends are black folks.

Why stateless? Because repeated offers that would have created a Palestinian state have been refused by…wait for it…Palestinian leadership.

This, by inference, was fair as there were dead on both sides. This is what fairness looks like:

I’d think of this as a feature, not a bug, and one should really recalibrate one’s moral compass when you are bitching about too few people and, in particular, too few Jews, being killed by terrorists.

Linker should spend a few minutes and read about some of the tank battles in the First Gulf War where hundreds of Iraqi soldiers were killed and the only Coalition casualties were from friendly fire.

If being against terrorism makes one a tribalist, then we should all take joy in the name.

Factually, the border is defined by a razor wire barrier. Wire doesn’t defend itself. What do you do when the wire is cut as it was in numerous places? If the answer is “nothing,” then why bother building a fence. The Israelis did use tear gas. There are dozens of images of Israeli soldiers using rubber bullets. But you got me on the water cannon. Maybe if there were bountiful supplies of water in the f***ing desert they would have used them. Just spit-balling here. The very fact that several days of violent demonstrations resulted in the deaths of a maximum of 9 noncombatants should be a clue that this was not indiscriminate violence.

But this isn’t even true. We know, with some precision, that the overwhelming majority of those killed were actually armed members of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It increasingly looks like the dead civilians were being used as human shields. If so, the blame for their deaths does not lie with the Israelis, but rather with the people who, against the laws of war, used civilians for that purpose.

I am speechless. What kind of an amoral cretin can compare Hiroshima to Gaza or doubt that fewer people were killed for having forced Japan to surrender? And all of this because, well, Trump.

Israel has been accused of this by people like Linker since it declared independence. It will continue to be so accused. No matter the facts, Linker and his ilk will blame Israel because it is fashionable and gains the approval of the right people. Because he’d much rather pretend to mourn dead Jews than to see them defend themselves.

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